Radiohead Setlist & Show Review, Camden NJ 6/13/12

Radiohead closed out the North American leg of their tour last night at the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, treating our ears to a setlist of songs from their latest album, The King of Limbs, old favorites and a new standout tune. What I love most about seeing Radiohead live is that you never know what to expect. They have such an incredible catalog of music to choose from that spans the last decade, and every time you see them you’re bound to get some surprises. Thom Yorke takes the stage like a man possessed, a musical instrument in himself as he twists and contorts his voice and body. I always find my eyes flicking back and forth between him and Jonny Greenwood, the mad scientist creating magic in his onstage lab. Together, with Colin Greenwood’s bass laying the groundwork, Phil Selway’s drums keeping the beat and Ed O’Brien’s guitar and backing vocals balancing out the melody, they build musical soundscapes that fill the air and leave you breathless and spinning.

Some of the standouts for me last night: the new song, “Identikit.” Hearing a new Radiohead song is like Christmas for me – they just started playing this song on their current tour and it features layered vocals by Yorke and O’Brien over a synth-like percussion and interwoven guitars, creating unique new sound that is still distinctly Radiohead.  Check it out below. The In Rainbows opener “15 Step” is always amazing live and virtually impossible not to move your body to, and old favorite “Paranoid Android” manages to sound different every time they play it live, and it never ceases to blow me away. The closed the show beautifully, with a second encore that included the gorgeous In Rainbows tunes “House of Cards” and “Reckoner,” followed by a “True Love Waits” intro into “Everything In Its Right Place.” If they had played “True Love Waits” in its entirety I probably would have fainted, so maybe its good they didn’t :) The show went by way too quickly, and it looks like we may have to wait a while for them to come back as they head to Canada now and then Europe and Australia.

Check out the setlist and listen to the new song “Identikit” below!

Bloom / There There (The Boney King Of Nowhere)  / Kid A / Morning Mr. Magpie / The Gloaming (Softly Open Our Mouths In The Cold) / Separator / Lucky / Like Spinning Plates / Identikit / 15 Step / Nude / Lotus Flower / Paranoid Android / Feral / Little by Little / Idioteque

First encore: Give Up The Ghost / Staircase / I Might Be Wrong / Bodysnatchers

Second encore: House of Cards / Reckoner / Everything In Its Right Place (True Love Waits intro)

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11 years ago

This sounds awesome, amazing. Wish I could have been there. Great post!