Rainbow Typewriter

When I first saw this rainbow colored typewriter I thought, wow that’s a really cool decorated typewriter. But I was even more amazed when I read that it is actually a painting device.

The typewriter is the work of Washington-based painter Tyree Callahan, who replaced the letters and keys with color pads and hued labels so that instead of typing words, you can essentially type a painting. What a creative, genius idea! I mean, even if the paintings it creates aren’t masterpieces, can you imagine the hours of endless experimentation with different colors and patterns?

rainbow typewriter

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11 years ago

That typewriter is so awesome!! Want one ♥ :)

Paige K.
11 years ago

this is amazing & so unique!

11 years ago

If you go to his website and actually read about it, you will see that it is a conceptual art piece- it does not paint or do anything like that….. But it is a cool idea, thanks for sharing..