DO: Reflect

Saturday DO: Make time for reflection

Getting ready for the long weekend before memorial, I watched my closest friends slowly fill up their calendars with trips here and there. For a couple of reasons and prior obligations, I couldn’t leave along with them. Before I knew it, it was me and small handful of people left in the city. At first, I was a little tinged with sadness at being left alone (ok, I was being a bit dramatic, there were a couple of important people around), but then I realized that the four days were mine – all mine!

I could do whatever I wanted. I had no schedule and just took things as they came – riding the whims of my impulses and momentary desires through time. I went to some of the most intense yoga classes of my life, finished a book, started a few projects, hit up the farmer’s market, watched a couple of documentaries, and…took a nap!! I never take naps!!

Come Monday night, before heading back to the daily grind, I felt so cleansed. Throughout the weekend, I thought a lot about life: little intricacies, goals, thoughts of where I’m at in this moment, and assessments of myself.

For once these things were top of the mind, and I realized that I should make time for them more often. I’ve always loved vacations because they allow me to step outside of my normal life and look at it from afar. This weekend, I didn’t have to go anywhere, but yet the same effect was achieved. Without times like this, we’re little hamsters charging forward on a wheel with no destination. Set aside an open afternoon, and spend it with yourself. Make time for you, let your thoughts wander and reflect, do whatever comes to your mind. As much as you make your friends and family a priority, make yourself a priority. You’ll have a much clearer sense of self once you’re back around your loved ones.

Take time for reflection.

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11 years ago

Sounds like a lovely few days, always nice to sit back and reflect on what you’ve been doing from an outside perspective!

11 years ago

hey are you guys going to share the contest winner on the blog

Fp Naomi
11 years ago

Hey Kelsey, the winner will be. Contacted via email on Mon! No feature on the blog planned as of now!

11 years ago

a friend show me the way to your site, my mother just passed away yesterday, this site has given me strength……. ty so much

9 years ago

I presently tried to watch a National Geographic video lying on YouTube to find a message proverb that the copyright holder had blocked me from viewing it because I’m not in the USA.. . Similar to HULU, and Comedy Central.. . Why?.