1. Hi FP! i had a question about your cancer sign graphic Tank, is there a reason the anchor was incorporated in the shirt? does it symbolize something about that zodiac sign? -eve :)

  2. Lital Gold is amazing. Such a talented artist. The designs are so fresh. I am downloading my aries wallpaper right now!

  3. Why is Aquarius representing Water on the horoscope wheel on the website’s June e-catalog announcement? Aquarius is an Air sign.

  4. Aquarius is the water bearer. It represents a flow of knowledge and truth. Since air signs are always in their heads, they need some outlet to release their eccentric ideas ;p

  5. HEY BLDG 25! :D just thought I’d share a little something that happened tonight on my ‘stay at home saturday’. Earlier today i went thrift store shopping and found a beautiful hooded cardigan..and to my surprise it was fp! i obv snatched it up right away and i started wondering when this garment could’ve been released..? So! I decided to “follow Free People through the years” on the catalog archive and found the plum colored “Horizon hooded cardigan” on the July 2008 catalog…THOUSAND-EIGHT! It suddenly hit me that I’ve been loving, following and admiring Free People’s creative stylizing and wonderful pieces for so many years now! It feels like just yesterday an FP ad popped up on my sidebar, but the fact i’ve been hooked on for such a long time..goes to show how great FP is at reinventing, keep up to trend but all in their own sense, AND that i LOVE! :) I couldn’t have imagined a better way of spending a few hours of my saturday night, flipping through the e-catalogs and pointing out items that I proudly own! :p Thank you Free People and everyone at BLDG 25 for making shoppin/blogging expierences so magical!
    Sincerely a true fan,
    Ari :)
    Miami, Fl

  6. Why does the Aries tank the most unattractive one! :( I don’t want to wear gross yellow.

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