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eve mendoza

Hi FP! i had a question about your cancer sign graphic Tank, is there a reason the anchor was incorporated in the shirt? does it symbolize something about that zodiac sign? -eve :)

Hoferet Ohelet

Lital Gold is amazing. Such a talented artist. The designs are so fresh. I am downloading my aries wallpaper right now!


Why is Aquarius representing Water on the horoscope wheel on the website’s June e-catalog announcement? Aquarius is an Air sign.

Aquarius is the water bearer. It represents a flow of knowledge and truth. Since air signs are always in their heads, they need some outlet to release their eccentric ideas ;p

Ari Torres

HEY BLDG 25! :D just thought I’d share a little something that happened tonight on my ‘stay at home saturday’. Earlier today i went thrift store shopping and found a beautiful hooded cardigan..and to my surprise it was fp! i obv snatched it up right away and i started wondering when this garment could’ve been released..? So! I decided to “follow Free People through the years” on the catalog archive and found the plum colored “Horizon hooded cardigan” on the July 2008 catalog…THOUSAND-EIGHT! It suddenly hit me that I’ve been loving, following and admiring Free People’s creative stylizing and wonderful… Read more »


Yay! Piscies is gorge!


Why does the Aries tank the most unattractive one! :( I don’t want to wear gross yellow.


I would love to sell these on my zodiac gift site


Hello, I love your designs! I’m putting together a small blog of astorlogy, can I use these graphics in my post? Obviously quoting the source with a link to you.