Travel Horoscopes: Destinations for your Zodiac Sign

In all the corners of the world, there’s a place where the stars align perfectly with your personality, where you will find ultimate freedom, adventure and inner peace.  Find out where your zodiac sign will take you!


Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and you are adventurous, active and impulsive. Aries is synonymous with new beginnings, and what better place to travel to than the birthplace of the renaissance – Florence. Here you can immerse yourself in the city’s culture and take in all of its amazing art, architecture and history.

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Taurus is known for perseverance and stability, and your ability to overcome almost anything. You also love luxury and have a good amount of artistic ability, and will appreciate the historic elements of Dublin, as well as the city’s modern culture and art scene.

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Geminis are quick, clever and intelligent – you live in the mind, constantly thinking and expressing your thoughts. You thrive on being part of a busy scene, so you’ll feel right at home in the birthplace of the beat generation, San Francisco.  Spend the day exploring the city, meeting new, interesting people, and exploring the writings of the beat poets – then dance the night away in the city’s incredible live music scene.

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Cancer is sensitive and imaginative, with a very active mind – you prize security but love adventure.  Venice, with its winding canals and beautiful romanticism will be your perfect getaway. Wander down mysterious alleyways conjuring up fantasies in your mind and get whisked away by the romance of the city.

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Leo is powerful, theatrical and creative. Your destination is Prague, the place once known as Bohemia. Prague is still a cultural hub for theater, art and music, and Leo’s creative side will flourish in this environment.

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Virgo is organized, reserved and a bit of perfectionist. Paris, with its picturesque beauty and vast quantity of historic landmarks, amazing restaurants and museums will give you plenty to take in and analyze, but also force you to relax and enjoy yourself.

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Libra’s are known for their charm – you are very social and artistic, and you prize beauty.  You aren’t afraid to indulge yourself and appreciate luxury – so Copenhagen, voted one of the cities in the world with the best quality of life, will be an idyllic paradise for you.  You’ll love the city’s thriving fashion scene for doing a little shopping, too.

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Scorpio is imaginative, passionate and philosophical – the mysterious and secretive force of the zodiac. You will revel in the dark mysticism of New Orleans where you can explore its hidden quarters and learn about voodoo, while soaking in the city’s legendary music scene.

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Sagittarius is a free spirit – you’re known for your independence and extreme case of wanderlust. Your getaway takes you to a place where you will never cease to explore – Budapest, Hungary. Take strolls along the river Danube and lose yourself in the city considered one of today’s most idyllic places to live.

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Capricorn is reserved and strategic, always setting goals and determined to achieve them.  The sign is symbolic of climbing to new heights and in Montreal, Quebec, you can experience Canada’s cultural capital while also exploring its scenic rivers  – and climb up central Mount Royal to take in the view.

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Aquarians are independent, progressive and liberal – the visionaries of the zodiac.  Your destination is Stockholm, Sweden, a city known for its beauty and architecture. It’s also a major fashion hub where Aquarius can take in the innovative fashion and eye catching street style.

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Pisces is the old soul of the zodiac, symbolic of spiritual rebirth. You are intuitive, imaginative and mystical and your getaway is to one of the most mystical and romantic destinations in the world – Casablanca. Revel in its beauty and history, and lose yourself in dreams about past lives that walked its streets and stories that took place there.

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9 years ago

sweet idea for a feature :) .. also where can i find the crescent moon necklace featured on the “taurus” and “cancer” models… its lovely !! thanks so much ~

9 years ago

Totally agree with my travel destination: Marocco. :D

– Malena

9 years ago

I’m a Scorpio, and this was dead on for me! So fun. Can’t wait for the catalog.

9 years ago

Seeing as I’m on the cusp looks like I’ll just have to travel to both! (again)
The descriptions are pretty spot on as well :)

9 years ago

Er, Casablanca has one knock-off “Rick’s” (the ‘original’ was a sound stage in hollywood), a beautiful central mosque, one historic fort with small gardens, and a few good bakeries in the old market that are far enough away from the garbage dump. Other than that it’s a dirty shipping port with ~3 million people crammed into a rather small space. It’s the business capital of Morocco, and it shows. Not the most mystical spot… Now, Tangiers on the other hand with all it’s art galleries, history and a beautiful market, or Essaouira… ooof :D I need to get back there soon.

Kate Fowler
9 years ago

I’m an Aeries and I’ll be in Florence in 11 days! So this is actually perfect.

9 years ago

I totally agree with all the horoscopes…… I couldn’t believe that they were spot on!!! Being well travelled I never thought much into it but now I know why I loved Paris sooooooo much when I visited .( I am a fussy Virgo).. My Kids one a Tauras he loved Dublin. Seriously this one will take the cake…… my husband who is a cusp (Cancer/Leo) enjoyed Prague that it was on the top of the list until we went to Italy and simply loved it. My daughter is a cancer and even though she was little loved Italy too. I have got to say I was shocked. And out of all the places we talk about the above ones the most…. Like I said now I know why!@

9 years ago

Cute article, but for me, a Sag, it didn’t hit right. </3

9 years ago

Ahhhh I’m a libra and I was supposed to be in Copenhagen right at this moment but my travel plans fell through…

9 years ago

Morocco for Pisces, yep i can go with that! perfect.


Phuong Mai Huynh
9 years ago

Yeah i wish will go travel Morocco one day that perfect

9 years ago

Only North America and Europe (+Morocco) represented? What about Asia, South America, the Middle East, Africa proper and Australasia? Rather disappointing…especially as the first sentence says “in all corners of the world…..”

9 years ago

Spot on about Cancer! I’ve been watching DVD’s about Italy and would love to travel there someday. Love those sweeping canals and architecture. Every building has class and it seems miles away from the big city life. But I’d also throw in just about any tropical locale as well. A Cancer would be in heaven on an island in the South Pacific.