Trend: Accessories “It’s Raining Cats and Dogs”

Have seen the newest addition to our scarf family? This one is extra special! To go along with the Americana theme, we launched an update to our American Flag scarf that you all love so much. This one has some extra love on it, though!

You most probably know that we love animals here at Free People and have the incredible option of bringing them to work with us, where special bonds are made with these little beings. To make them part of our brand literally, we have featured them on our new “It’s Raining Cats and Dogs” scarf. The little fellas you see on here are actually pets that come into our office daily.

What I love about this item is that you can’t actually make out what the print is until you fold it open — it makes for a cool accessory and an awesome throw, too.

raining cats and dogs

Our Raining Cats and Dogs Scarf

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  1. came her via FB link. I thought your site was going to say a portion of sales would go to help animal rescue organizations…cute scarves and throw (really) but i was disappointed because you said it would be something very special. This is just a cool idea – again, Very Special would have been giving back to the animals you say you love.

  2. I plan to feed my fabulous scarf to Trixie, my German Shepherd/Pitbull cross. That we we all give back, everyone happy!! Yeeeah!!!!!! :0)

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