Trend: Americana “Born to Run”

Our latest look book “Born to Run” celebrates America, emphasizing a trend that is so innate in this country it’s hard not to love it. Born to Run is all about washed denim, cutoffs, denim shirting and flares that have all been reinvented to fit in perfectly with this trend. The colours red, white and blue are strong and, yes, converses are in the mix!

When I think about this trend and can’t help but reference the past — the rebel James Dean comes to mind with his strong American road attitude, Daisy Duke from the Duke of Hazards for her pure hotness in the look, and the effortlessly cool Uma Thurman in the Gus Van Sant Film “Even Cowgirls get the Blues.”

We’ve all been huge fans of the double denim Canadian Tuxedo look for quite some time and this is just a new twist into it.

Daisy DukeImage: Daisy Duke from the Duke of Hazards

only cowgirls get the bluesUma Thurman in Only Cowgirls Get The Blues

BadlandsBadlands, Martin Sheen in James Dean denim suit

denim on denimThe Canadian Tuxedo, Editorial Unknown

There are two ways I’d like to wear this trend: going all out with the denim on denim look and teaming the outfit with Converses

americanaDiamond Embroidered Denim Jacket, 5 Pocket Cuffed Denim Cutoff Short

Or wearing a patriotic shirt with a feminine white dress and making it playful with studded Converses — the key is to tone it down and have a cool attitude about your look

americanaAmerican Flag Buttondown, Godet Slip, Joey Studded Converse

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hey where was the new july catalog shot?? when do we get to see it?? :) cant wait!!!


Perhaps it’s your guys’ fault as to why I’ve worn some sort of denim in the last two days.
Always inspired by this blog.

aria – it was shot in studio, and its one of my faves to date! you’ll have to wait a couple weeks for a sneak peek though ;)

I think Daisy Duke is my idol. <3
Savannah Marie

It’s funny… here in Canada we call denim-on-denim a Texas Tuxedo. >_<