Win A Free Astrology Reading!

We have an awesome contest for you guys in conjunction with our June Zodiac e-catalog! Enter to win a free reading with our astrologer Tracy Allen (who writes the weekly Free People horoscopes), along with a customized zodiac goodie bag for your sign, including a zodiac tank and necklace!

To enter: click here and fill out the brief form – make sure to indicate what your sign is so we can put together your customized goodie bag :)

*the reading will take place over the phone

Go explore our all new June e-catalog, it’s so much fun!!

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8 years ago

Lovely giveaway, thanks so much Free People! When will the winner be announced? via email?
<3 Aquarius ~~~

8 years ago

Cool giveaway, thanks! Love those zodiac tanks, they’re awesome~

8 years ago

Oh wow! Thanks for doing a giveaway. :) I was so excited about the zodiac-inspired outfits – the Virgo shop was pretty spot-on as for what I’d wear! Every sign’s shop was so interesting to look at.

8 years ago

Best giveaway idea ever!

8 years ago

Great giveaway. And I love these tanks.

8 years ago

I really want to win this! I’ve been into astrology since I was little. It’s so much apart of my life, and I love explaining it to others as well!

8 years ago

looove the tanks and necklaces prettty darn cool :D <3

8 years ago

NOMNOMNOM – dem tanktops are EYE-CANDY! :OOO I wonder though, for us cuspies (August 24th – Virgo on Leo cusp) ;) do we get both tank tops, as well? ;P lolol This is a fantabulous idea! <3

8 years ago

Wow, these necklaces are amazing! And I love the tanks! Great giveaway FP!