Summer’s Best New Music Releases

I think I ask myself this question every week! There have been some amazing new releases lately that I wanted to share with you guys – and tell me, what’s the last album you bought?


Diiv (formerly Dive) is the work of Beach Fossils touring guitarist Zachary Cole Smith, and although the album Oshin technically came out last week I had to include it because I’ve been listening to it nonstop! It is gorgeous, melodic, guitar-driven music with an amazing vibe that I can definitely imagine as background music for a summer day at the beach. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed! I really dig the album artwork, too.

Oh man, this album… I kept hearing songs from it hear and there and my ears would perk up. Who is this? It was love at first listen, and once I found out who it was I couldn’t believe I didn’t realize it sooner! This might be my favorite album to come out in a long time. Listen to the album opener “The Way We Move” and you’ll be hooked, I promise :)

I first heard of Zulu Winter when we put one of their songs (“Let’s Move Back To Front”) on our store playlist a little while back. I still love that song and was so excited to hear a full album from them, Language, which came out on June 19. It’s another great summer album that would make great road trip music!

fiona apple

Fiona Apple is back! And with another long album title, The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do, which came out June 19. When I was down at SXSW earlier this year, everyone was talking about Fiona Apple’s incredible comeback show during the festival and I was so bummed that I missed it – I love her, and I think I completely wore out her album Tidal when I was in high school, so it’s awesome to hear new music from her and she has definitely proved that she still has the same passion and ferocity in her voice.

I have been patiently waiting for some new music from Grizzly Bear, and although we still have to wait a bit longer for the full album (Warp229, out in mid-September) we can get a little taste now with the song “Sleeping Ute.” It brings back memories of Summer of 2009, listening to Veckatimest almost non-stop, and makes me ache to hear more!

Spiritualized’s Sweet Heart Sweet Light has been a slow burner for me, one that I wasn’t too sure about at first but keep coming back to, especially for the album closer “So Long You Pretty Thing.” It’s my anthem of the summer – the whole album is great though, good old fashioned rock n’ roll!

What’s on your summer playlist?

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9 years ago

Interesting genre and sets!

9 years ago

I recently bought Mixtapes freshman LP, “Even On The Worst Nights,” which they released just last week. It is stripped down, simplistic pop punk — great to listen to while cruising with the windows rolled down. The band is a group of four from Cincinnati, Ohio and are great people who create great summertime music!

Stream the album here:

9 years ago

I recently bought Of Monsters and Men’s “My Head is an Animal” and “Valtari” by Sigur Ros. Oh and The Lumineers. I have a music addiction.

9 years ago

If you’re looking for some good stuff to listen to I think you guys might really enjoy some of this band’s stuff- Son of a Gun. They’re a small up and coming Illinois band but they have a pretty cool rocker meets fleet foxes sound.

9 years ago

Current Swell is raw, organic, and sincere! Their sound is relatable and poetic! Definitely, one of my favourite summer tunes! Check em out!!

9 years ago

I downloaded The Paper Kites’ Woodland EP after a friend recommended it a few weeks ago, and I’ve had it on repeat ever since. It’s really chill music, similar Monsters and Men, but…I kind of like The Paper Kites better. Download Woodlands for free on their website: