Beauty Comes from Within by FP Jemma

True beauty comes from within. Happiness is the key to pure beauty, but in this world that’s sometimes hard to find. There are always those nasty insecurities that creep up and knock your confidence for a day or two… there’s always that thought that brings a tear to your eye and turns your smile upside down.

But when you overcome these and happiness fills your inside with glowing warmth, that’s when your true beauty shines so strong. No makeup is needed, just pure beauty through pure happiness… and it’s so beautiful to be around. So do things that make you happy; go find yourself and give the biggest smile to the world. Love yourself and love who you are.

Girl on Bed

Find Yourself

Girl on Beach

All images from Somethings Gone Awry.

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11 years ago

beautifully spoken.

11 years ago

This is amazing. Just what I needed to hear today. Thank you. xx

Hannah Isis
11 years ago

So true <3

11 years ago


11 years ago

These words come to mind, amazing, fantastic ,fabulous , fantabblous (not a real word) beautiful soul full , and so many more .thank you for writing this, it is truly beautifully

11 years ago

so weird, ginger is the style i most compare my own to, and her answers in her interview are so similar to what mine would be. wtf so weird…shes looks so nice and cute!