Beauty Tips: Get The After Glow Look

UPDATE: This post originally ran on June 4th 2012, but with the warm weather still at high heat, the after glow is still on our minds.

A lovely glow comes onto your skin, it’s peachy pink and it screams summer love. It comes when you get flustered, when your heart starts racing, when you get shy and embarrassed, when you see a cute boy you’ve had a crush on for quite some time, when you’ve spent a whole day in the park basking under the sun and when your heart starts pumping from dancing all night under the hot heat… I love that glow

Nars has come out with a new makeup collection that will allow you to achieve this look on a daily basis. It’s a collection based on the natural peachy look and it’s all you need for the summer months. The collection is called Orgasm and has a Peachy Pink Blush with a gold shimmer that gives a natural, healthy complexion that will enliven your skin.  The Multiple Stick that’s every girl’s best friend is a creamy formula that adds shimmer to the eyes, cheeks and body. It’s perfect for contouring and adding that pretty summer glow.  The Lip Gloss gives a prominent shine and sexy gloss that can be worn alone or on top of a lip colour. The Illuminator enhances the complexion with a light-reflecting liquid. Last, but definitely not least, is the Orgasm Nail Polish that might just be “the” nail colour for summer!

Check out Nars new Orgasm collection here.

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10 years ago

great post!!

DIY and more:

10 years ago

I’ve been in LOVE with this colour by Nars for years! The Multiple is the perfect easy summer makeup item, i use it on my cheeks, eyes and lips and it’s all I need!

10 years ago

Any equivalent color for us brown-skinned fp girls? I’d love a warmer, golden version of this set!