Cardboard Cities In The Sky: Amazing Art By Laura Redburn

Laura Redburn is a collage and mixed media artist from the UK who wrote in to the blog asking us to check out her work. We did and were blown away! I love the bright colors and vintage imagery that she uses in her work.  Check out more below and learn a bit about Laura! cardboardcities



Where do you draw inspiration for your work?

Largely it comes from my imagination, obviously there has to be some subconscious memory in there of things I’ve seen and enjoyed, but sometimes that realization doesn’t emerge until a later point. I love watching films, particularly sci-fi, film noir and thriller/mystery. I don’t know if they really show in my work, but I’m definitely inspired by them! Also I love, and will always be obsessed with, animals and nature (particularly flowers, plants and the like), so they pretty much always have a place in my work – and always a place in my heart.



Where do you find the images you use in your collages?

For the most part old National Geographic Magazines, but quite a lot of older fashion magazines and books too, though I can’t stand to cut a book up – I will always photocopy them or scan for the computer. I’m on a never-ending collecting quest (in more ways than one, bit of a hoarder) and I’m always asking people if they have any magazines I can have that they’d otherwise throw out. I really like that collage is kind of a creative way of recycling!

cardboard cities

cardboard cities

Do you have a personal favorite out of your pieces?

I really like the piece “Quatre” (above) and a more recent one “Nesting”(below) …that one, at first, I couldn’t figure out where to go with, but with lots of playing around I finally found positioning I liked. “Quatre” was one of those ones that came together really easily, almost instantly.

cardboard cities

If your artwork was a place where would it be?

Good question, never been asked that one before! Hmm… I don’t think it has the feeling of a particular place (or does it?) but a lot of people have described it as dream-like and somewhat otherworld/dimension-y and I really like that, so I’ll stick with it!

Check out more of Laura’s work at her website Cardboard Cities and at Society 6 where you can purchase her awesome pieces as art prints or even iPhone cases!

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i love her use of collage and color and wild animals adorned in flowers