Clothes as Home Décor: Would you do it?

Dressing your body and decorating your home are two ways to express your personal style, so it makes total sense that these two forms of style would have lots of similarities for any given person. The way I dress is girly to the extreme: I love light colors, flowy fabrics, ruffles, lace, crochet, and lots and lots of layering. Have you seen my bedroom? Same thing goes.

I absolutely love the idea of incorporating my own clothing into the décor of my bedroom. The two styles mesh so well together, it just makes sense! Plus, I love the way my clothes look. Why would I want to hide them away in a closet when they’re not being used?

Thigh Highs on Wall

Last winter I had some of my favorite thigh highs displayed on my wall as seen above. It ended up being one of my favorite spots in my bedroom – I just couldn’t look away!

Here are some ways I’d love to incorporate clothing into my home décor!

Clothes Rack

Clothing rack: I love the idea of just having a rack of clothing like this in my bedroom, outside of my closet. It’d be so nice to look at everything out in the open this way — it’d totally help me decide what to wear in the morning!

Tree Branch Clothes Rack

Tree Branch Clothing Rack

Tree branch clothing rack: This takes the clothes rack idea to the next level! For years I’ve been itching to hang a birch tree branch from my ceiling and use it to display all of my favorite wardrobe pieces. It’s definitely one of the top items on my long, long list of decorating ideas!

Clothes on Window

Window arrangement: I love how the light shines through the sheer fabric, making each piece look extra dreamy!

Clothes Hanging by Bed

Bedside Hanging Clothes

Bedside clothes: From the home of our very own Creative Director! I love the way these beautiful slips match her bedding – and they’re hung in the line of natural light, so it’s diffused through them as if they were gorgeous curtains!

Dress Hanging in Bedroom

One single dress: It’s almost like this dress is just waiting to be worn – and maybe it is! I’d love to hang one article of clothing and change it every day, even if I didn’t end up wearing it.

I’m borderline obsessed with using clothing as home decor — would you do it?

Click on images for sources; top image source.

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11 years ago

I love that you did this…I have one room in the attic that is my “closet” room and I decorated it with lots of lacey vintage clothing and ethnic fabrics…it’s dreamy! I have every single piece of clothing that I own in this room – it looks like a boutique, haha…

11 years ago

Amazing idea! Can’t wait to do it!

11 years ago

I love this! I have heard of women who display their wedding dresses or use them as a central piece of decoration in a room. I think this is a great idea – why let something so beautiful sit boxed up in the loft! Clothes are made to been seen and appreciated!

11 years ago

I absolutely love the idea of a clothing rack to put my dresses on display! If only I had room in my dorm room :)

the vogue bandit

11 years ago

Love this idea. I have lots of branches hanging in my nest from various outdoor adventures–I can’t wait to try using one as a clothing rack.

This is a great idea. It will solve my having to put my clothes away after I hang them to dry from hand washing them. My mom will hate it when she comes to visit, but oh well she does really like my style anyway.

11 years ago

i would love to decorate my apartment with statement pieces. afterall, clothes are art to me!

11 years ago

I have a straw hat from Anthropologie and the FP Tattered Flag scarf in charcoal hanging as decoration in my college dorm room

11 years ago

I have a straw hat from Anthropologie and the FP Tattered Flag scarf in charcoal hanging as decoration in my college dorm room. I just take them down when I feel like wearing them and put them right back in their spot at the end of the day. Theyre too sweet looking to hide in my closet.

11 years ago

I love the look but my boyfriend would be pissed if I tried to decorate our house with clothing!

11 years ago

i love the idea of using my pretty clothes as decor. unfortunately, my apartment is too tiny and i’m afraid it would look more like i didnt put away my laundry :)

11 years ago

I love this idea, already do it a little bit myself…I have a rod iron mannequin that I always display my favorite coat on! Wish I had room for the branch as a hanging rack!

Mary's mom
11 years ago

30 years ago I made a Vogue pattern christening gown for Mary because she was soooooo premature when born and too little to wear anything store bought. It turned out beautifully and it seemed sad to put it in a box after she wore it. Rather than hanging it to display I put it on a doll and and placed it on the living room sofa. It was a constant reminder of her life as my good fortune.

10 years ago

TOTALLY i’ve been told my bedroom looks a vintage boutique. I hang up sheer beaded capes in my windows, a have a vintage kimono hung on a wooden rod and suspended on the wall and rows and rows of shoes. You can check out some images here:

but you’ve inspired me to photograph the rest of it.

10 years ago

Take a look It’s beautiful.

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4 years ago

That was so inspiring and gorgeous! I love to hang Free People and vintage dresses and floral crowns on my curtain loops and on a branch. Your store displays give me ideas all the time. : )