Want to know what our Creative Director is obsessed with right now?

When you have the opportunity to talk to our Creative Director you are instantly inspired within the first few minutes of talking with her. She has a way of seeing creativity in everything and is a huge inspiration to us here at Free People.  We wanted to know what she is currently obsessed with.

I am obsessed with the Swiss painter, Franz Gertsch. I love how massive his work is and how hyper realistic

 it is as well. When I first saw this painting I thought it was someone’s cool ad campaign and that it was this amazing photograph. 

Everything about it attracted me. I am clothes-obsessed so I loved the jeans; the leather jacket; the red, white and blue shirt; and those snakeskin boots. I loved all the detail in the room and felt like I was there — and wished I was there. In my early years of going out I seemed to have the best time getting ready to go out rather than actually being out.

Franz Gertsch

“Marina making up Luciano”

Again all the detail: the cheese cloth drapes on the window, the plastic bags on the wall, the tile — it completely blows my mind.

Franz Gertsch


I love her messy hair, that red velvet jacket, and all the cosmetics loaded up on the shelf under the mirror. I relate with his subjects and feel like I know these girls and have been in this very same scenario.

In an ideal world where time and money were not an issue it would be so cool to have Franz Gertsch paint a series of Free People girls.

Check out more obsessions here!

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Those are perfect!! I can’t believe those are paintings and not photographs..amazing!!!


love these.



Gurley Girl

I want these. In my apartment. Now.

These paintings are amazing!


These paintings are incredible, extremely hard to distinguish whether they are photographs or not! Since she loves the hyper-realism, I wonder if she’s seen any of Ron Mueck’s work? Same idea but sculpture, equally mind-boggling!

Wait.. these are paintings?! Wow, this is incredible!