An Editorial Beyond Loveworthy: The Way You Are – Elle Taiwan July 2012

We can all admit that Lords of Dogtown is a pretty cool movie: the lifestyle, the energy, living on the edge, having fun, and the passion about something you love to do. The Z boys are a true inspiration and it makes sense that this culture has trickled down into fashion trends and fashion stories in big name magazine. Who wouldn’t aspire to that kind of cool attitude?

I know for sure that after watching Lords of Dogtown, I wanted a pair of Vans… I wanted to skate… and I wanted to hang out with dudes just like that! This appeared to be somewhat difficult, but with it coming up now and again as a fashion statement, I can immerse myself into beautiful visual stories just like this one from and imagine how it might feel. I love this editorial from Elle Taiwan July 2012, shot by David Burton and modeled by Abby Brothers.

Elle Taiwan Editorial July 2012Elle Taiwan Editorial July 2012

Elle Taiwan Editorial July 2012

Elle Taiwan Editorial July 2012

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  1. I love this style!! I use to try and skateboard on my brothers but could never get the hang if it

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