Karlie Kloss and Aline Weber: The July Catalog Video

Our July catalog video featuring Karlie Kloss and Aline Weber is one of my favorites to date… there is something so hypnotizing about the music and the models’ movements.

The video was shot by Thomas Northcut and edited by Swell. Check out the catalog online now at freepeople.com!

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8 years ago

what’s the song?

8 years ago

Obsessed with the song. What is it?

8 years ago
Reply to  JD

It’s El Despertar by DIY Note!

8 years ago

this is the coolest short film i’ve ever seen. makes me want to wear every single piece of those clothes!!

8 years ago

My all time fave fp video!

8 years ago

this is one of my favorites of all time!! I love the contrasting backgrounds especially with Aline’s platinum hair against the the black….and the way it was shot is magic…the whole thing is great!


8 years ago

They are both so cute… If you guys wanted to say dress me and do my hair on a daily basis to look like your models, I wouldn’t say no ;)

8 years ago

Aghh!!! I love the contrast of everything really, between Karlie and Aline, and the backdrop, and yet how similar they are, in a way. I love the concept of coexistence here….this is really, incredibly well done.