On the Road: A Movie We Can’t Wait to See

“The best teacher is experience.”

~Jack Kerouac

On the Road is one of those books I read in college that has stuck in my soul ever since. There’s something about Jack Kerouac’s way of writing that gets my heart beating so fast. I loved the energy I loved the rhythm it had — it got me hooked on the Beatniks, that’s for sure!

When I heard On the Road was being made into a film I was a bit apprehensive… Can they really recreate that feeling and emotion that was so special in words? I watched the trailer and unexpectedly it blew me away. Walter Salles (director of the Motorcycle Diaries) created a beautiful vision and Sam Riley and Kristen Stewart got me… they got me good and now I’m counting the days until I can watch this film on the big screen and get soaked in Jack Kerouac’s beautiful way of dramatic writing.

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I wonder how it will compare with the book. I generally don’t do movies, because nothing is nearly as amazing as the original. ;)


Do you know when this movie is expected to hit theatres? I noticed it played at the Cannes festival a few months ago, is it supposed to play in the theatres, too?


This is a pretty cool coincidence, because I just went to City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco two days ago! The movie could be good, but I’m not sure if I like the choice of actors :)


The hair is wong. The clothes are wrong. The men are wimps. Kerouac was a former football player. Cassady was built like a wrestler. 1949 for 2012 Latte sippers.


I recently talked to the sweet older man who owns the beat museum in San Francisco (its across the street from City Lights) and he said that they did a fantastic job on the movie… as far as experts on Kerouac go, I trust his judgement

my favorite book. I just love Jack’s output, I also love creations of his Beatniks friends. Poetry, books, philosophy…. I was 13 years old when I heard about this book. It was an magical moment in my life when I finally bought this book. Now I’m 18 and I read it many times.

I really want to read every part of “The Duluoz Legend”. For example “The Dharma Bums” was also great. Not so shocking for soul :) like “On the road” but I was impressed too.

Do you also think that “On the road” is the perfect book for vacation?


I’ve been counting down until it’s release as well, it looks like such a wonderfully constructed movie.
Although I must admit, I haven’t read the book, I’ll have to rectify that!