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Our past is what makes us who we are today. While it’s very important to focus on the now, it’s equally important to let yourself take a journey back and be reminded about the way things once were. I always love to look back at my past and take note of the different chapters that emerged without my knowing it. Some are long, some are short, and some overlap others.

There’s the chapter before my younger sister was born and the chapter where I had pizza at my grandparents’ house every Friday. The one where I played the piano, where I had my first boyfriend, where I traveled for an entire summer. The chapter where I first began living on my own and the one where all I cared about was Leonardo DiCaprio. All of these chapters are such important elements that have shaped the person I am and there is a multitude of different things that bring me back to each time period in an instant: different scents, different  foods, different music.

Today, let yourself relive those unforgettable moments. Look at old photos and listen to favorite songs from the past. Meet up with an old friend and reminisce for hours. Read an old journal, watch home videos, and cry if you have to. Realize that life will never be as it once was, but without constant change, we would never have these memories that we hold so dear to our hearts. Today, let yesterday be important. And never forget that tomorrow, today will be yesterday.

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  1. This post is very inspiring really touched base with me, ive been having trouble letting go of bad things from the past..these past few years my life has changed so much…ive actually had recent encounters with ppl from my past that I haven’t seen for years…they have both been on seperate occasions and they have both brought me to thinking of my past and what might had been..

  2. One of my favourite things to do is look through old photograph albums and watch old home videos with my parents…so many memories and we always end up in tears from laughing so hard at old memories. It doesn’t matter how many times we’ve rehashed the same stories over and over, they never get less old or less loved.

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