Saturday DO: Learn Something In A Different Language

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DO: Learn Something In A Different Language airplane

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Photos by Samantha Casolari

I’ve always wished that I could speak multiple languages. I can speak and understand French, but I’m terrible at writing in it. I wish I could go back to childhood when it’s easier to learn, and become fluent in a few different languages. But it’s never too late to learn something new, and if you have plans to travel somewhere it’s added motivation. Today, teach yourself a phrase in a different language and practice it until you have it memorized. Maybe it will come in handy one day, or maybe it will inspire you to take a class or learn even more. If not, it will at least impress your friends :)

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  1. I discovered a new band the other day and now I know how to say “dance with me” in German; tanz mit mir!

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