Style File: Creative Director

This week’s Style File is your very own Free People Creative Director! She’s a boho Americana beauty, the perfect 4th of July inspiration. From peasant tops, to vintage dresses, cowboy boots, and perfect hippie denim, she has a lot to wow with. Check out her week in style, and you’ll understand immediately why we’re all so infatuated with her here at the home offices.

White Dress, Denim JacketWhite Lace DressWhite Lace DressWhite Lace Dress, Pretty Bracelets and RingsFloral Bag, Vintage Brown Boots

I love any piece of clothing reminiscence of the Victorian period. I am better at dressing down so I often throw on a dress with my old, staple Frye boots and denim shirt. 

Get The Look: Retro Sleeve Dress, Knit Hooded Denim Jacket, Moroccan Kilim Boot, Silver Metal Prayer Bead Bracelet

Denim JumpsuitBoho JewelryDenim JumpsuitDenim JumpsuitAmericana Lace-up Boots

This a Liz Claiborne denim jumpsuit from the late 80s. I can only wear it with high, high heels like these americana boots from Jeffrey Campbell

Get The Look: Liberty Platform or Jeffrey Campbell Litas

Doub Hanshaw and DogDenim Shirt and VestDenim on DenimStar Vest

I think dogs are the best accessory.  We have many dogs in our office to help anyone complete their look. The vest is a great gift from a fellow colleague. I am known for being the most patriotic person in our office — I could probably wear denim on denim and some form of red, white and blue everyday. And I will probably still be wearing denim on denim and some form of red, white and blue when I am 80 if I am lucky.

Get The Look: FP 5 Pocket High Rise Flares, Chambray Bandana Inset Buttondown Top

Doub Hanshaw Denim MaxiDoub Hanshaw and DogDenim and RingLace, Denim, JewelryDenim Maxidress, Lace-up Boots

Overalls are a big favorite! I love pieces designed for a utilitarian purpose. My family moved to Ohio when I was 15 and I always loved seeing all the farmers in their amazingly worn overalls. I feel most comfortable as a tomboy, but I try hard to mix in some feminine touches here and there.

Get The Look: Beaded Bell Sleeve Top

Doub Hanshaw Questionnaire

 See what the rest of our office is wearing in Style File!

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11 years ago

Well, the fact that you have been Creative Director for 15 yrs says it all…I always admired your style when they do the office style post – it’s effortless and so cool. Now I know WHY…working at FP for that long must be amazing…it explains why you have the best clothes. I bet you get to travel everyeehere!!! LUCKY- thanks for sharing this is my all time favorite post…be well.

11 years ago

i have been a fan of free peple for a very long time and have always admired her clothing, always looking out for her in the office style posts since our tastes are similiar. Little did I know that when I would check the blog today I would see the free people creative director wearing the exact same Liz Claiborne jumpsuit that I bought at my most recent trip to the salvation army!!!!! I love this jumpsuit even more now, though i wear mine with red converse and not her amazing litas. Printing out this post and saving it forever–Jordan :)

11 years ago

my favorite FP posts are definitely the outfits…. love the accessories and clothing always!

11 years ago


11 years ago

I love the overalls made into a dress, it reminds me of my youth. Keep up the
beautiful,creative work! Free People you rock!

11 years ago

WOW Woweee, Gosh ! And that woman can swim too !!!! It’s true you have to
Be born with style . I guess I got Diso !! Very cool , I love the star vest !

11 years ago

I guess didn’t even get Disco , because I can’t even spell it correctly !
Old Va preppy , well maybe ! I still love freepeople style !!!!

11 years ago

that white dress is perfection!

11 years ago

Doub, You look Maavelous !!!!

Tracey and I can’t wait to see you next week. Looking forward to it. Can’t wait to see the little fella.

David Wood

11 years ago


Do they make them Americanna Boots in men’s sizes? :-)

Tracey Wood
11 years ago

Love the lace and denim and want those bad ass patriotic shoes. Love the jewelry too! Keep up the creative mojo!!

11 years ago

Free People inspires forever! Darling doggies and unique jewelry too! . . . always romance, style, sophistication, information . . .what a blog!. Truly wonderful to see Doub, “is that how you spell Doub?” I will have to print out this post like Jordan and save it forever. Such wonderful clothes and doggies—and such a most wonderful, most excellent creative director!!! Yay, yay, and double yay!!!

11 years ago

Best post ever! I love Doub!

vic fiano
11 years ago

great job Doub, I just visited the “free people” site and it is very impressive…good luck and enjoy your “little family”

11 years ago

just beautiful!!

11 years ago

What a perfect model! I love the lace dress towards the top of the post. All great!

11 years ago

Hi!! My name is Sultana Aschim and I am an Independent Designer from South Jersey, and am primarily based out of Philadelphia. The necklace that is being worn with the denim outfit is one of my pieces!! It is a tiny bullet casing necklace, on nickel free chain, with white howlite stone points!! So glad to see it on the blog!! Love the looks :)

9 years ago

Love these blog posts! It’s always inspiring to see people expressing themselves through their style, especially at work! Thanks FP for sharing, I can see why so many want to work with this an awesome creative director!

Juliana Szalontai
9 years ago

Doub, you are just as beautiful as you were when we were roomies at OWU! So happy you are sharing your artistic spirit with the world, as it should be!