Style Inspiration From Our Stores: What’s Your Element?

Today I wanted to share an gorgeous shoot some of our store girls put together inspired by the elements and last month’s zodiac e-book. Which style do you relate to the most?

earth element

Earth element – wearing the Long Patterned Hooded Cardigan, Daisy Crochet Bikini Top, Suede Lace Up Shorts, Coin and Peg Pendant.

fire element

Fire & Water – on the left, wearing the Sky Window Tunic, on the right wearing the Beaded Beauty Dress.

fire element

Fire – in the Sky Window Tunic – add a headpiece and some bracelets to complete the look.

water element

Water – in the Beaded Beauty Dress.

air element

Air element – in the Voile Trapeze Slip.

aire element

So beautiful! Awesome work girls :)

More style inspiration in our Fashion category!


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Gurley Girl

Amazing!! Great pictures

i’m an aries, a fire sign. ironically, i’m a water-lover, a virtual mermaid, lol. however, my two favorites here are the earth and air element outfits. i guess my real element is complexity, lol


I love the fire and air looks, but I’m a Leo, which is fire.


Im a cancer; and I loved the water looks…..I long for the beach and swimming in the ocean..but I live no where near water….I want to be a mermaid when I grow up ;)

I am a scorpio…love the fire element though…andI too love the water – but live in the Catskill Mountains so we are no where near the ocean, but we do have some great swimming holes!

So I’m meant to be water – which I love – but I’m also crushing on the earth outfit.
Think my sign might be a bit confused as well?