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UPDATE: This post originally ran on May 16th 2012, with the launch of more of our i-phones cases we thought we bring it back.

These days the iPhone seems to be an accessory within itself. In this crazy world where things have become so instant and live, the iPhone has become a staple in our wardrobe — so why not make it fashionable?!

Here at Free People we wanted to create our very own unique cover for our iPhones, so we reached out to our talented designers to create prints that we think translate the Free People girl and her personality.

Here’s an interview with the designer behind the prints!

What inspired you to create these prints?

Spring/Summer was the inspiration behind them. I wanted to make something artistic; something geo/floral to go with the season and the trend.

Did you design the cases as separate pieces or with an entire collection in mind?

It was definitely an entire collection; I designed it as a series of works in which the pieces are all colored to fit together, as well as to fit into spring.

If you were one of these prints which one would you be?

I would be the second one from the left in the group photo – each design, in its details and doodles, is a different aspect of me, but this one best embodies my signature sketches and colours.

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9 years ago

i love the 2nd from the left….these covers make me want to buy an iphone…i currently have a motorola photon that i love, but can’t find awesome cases like these :)

9 years ago

I am OBSESSED with iPhone cases, haha! I love the Free People cases, definitely gonna have to get my hands on one~

9 years ago

Just like Lynnette, I am also obsessed with iphone cases. I have the very first iPhone still and finding cases to fit my phone is almost impossible. I think I am going to have to upgrade soon. I like the 2nd from the right. I wish I could see it better but that is the one that catches my eye. Great post!

9 years ago

i love the cases, but the quality is just terrible. i had one for only a week before it broke. i brought it back and got a new one, but a month later it’s already cracking again. i love the design, but it’d be so much more worth it if it was better quality.