Yoga: We Introduce You To Briohny Smyth

For our FP Movement we’ve collaborated with Solow to create a line of fashionable and fun yoga pieces. With the launch of this collection, we get to know one of Solow’s ambassadors: Briohny Smyth. Her inspiration behind yoga is truly moving.

Briohny was introduced to yoga in Thailand in 1999.  Very much a part of the entertainment industry from a young age, she struggled with Bulimia for 10 years. Briohny found yoga as a way to make time for herself and feel serenity in her life. Upon exploring various kinds of Hatha Yoga, she discovered inversions and arm balances, adding both physical and mental strength to her life.

Briohny Smyth wears: Solow FP Movement Foldover Frill Legging, Solow FP Movement Tie Dye Sports Bra


Why did you start yoga?

I lived so deeply in my insecurities as a teenager that I believed the negative thoughts in my mind. I became so engrossed in my self-hatred that I only thought about myself. The Yoga Practice helped me get out of my head. The simple action of sitting and breathing saved my life. I realized that if I could focus on my breath for 5 minutes, then I was free from my insecurities for those 5 minutes. Five minutes of breathing slowly turned into 90 minutes of conscious breath linked with movement. I will never rid myself of negative thoughts, but now I can at least choose how I react to them… thanks to Yoga.

How does it stimulate and inspire you?

Most of us find Yoga as a way to move our bodies. Whether we start practicing in a Yoga studio, gym, the beach or a patch of green grass, we are lucky that Yoga is in our lives.  Although there are many more facets to Yoga than just Asana, I have constantly seen this Yogasana Practice change people’s lives for good.  And slowly but surely, the practice starts to show in how you breathe, eat, live, and connect with others.

My Yoga Practice inspires me every time I step onto my mat. Through a few Vinyasas or even just a seated meditation, I am reminded of the beauty around me.  Life in the big city (or small city) can get you wrapped up in all sorts of distractions that pull your attention away from the present moment. Yoga reminds me to stop and appreciate what is around me; my family, friends, and fellow Yogis.


What’s your favorite yoga pose and why?

I love the Yoga Practice as a whole, but there are definitely some poses that I favor over others.  Handstand is a favorite, but nothing feels better than a sweaty Savasana. Traditionally, the asana was practiced as a way to be able to sit comfortably in meditation.  Life these days is a little more “on the go”, so Savasana is an amazing opportunity to release ALL of your tension and just be completely present.

View our FP Movement line here! and check out more yoga posts here.


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F from singapore
11 years ago

This feature is so inspiring! Thank you FP for this feature. I feel very similar to Briohny, I have been an avid believer to the negative monsters living in my head. For the longest time, I lived in perpetual insecurity and darkness! I think this beautiful being has somewhat inspire me to take the next step. YES I can!

11 years ago

What a perfect choice for the face of your yoga line!

Briohny is one of the most inspiring individuals I’ve come across in a long time, and she is the reason I began my yoga practice in the first place. I have recently mastered my head stands and some arm balances, and I continue to strive to be able to do handstands one day. She is the exact definition of what I think is a healthy, happy, and positive individual.

Great job FP!

Live Aloha. ♥

11 years ago

Briohny Smyth is such an inspiring yogi! My favorite pose is Bakasana, it was the first arm balance that I learned. I am currently studying and working through my 200hr Vinyasa Flow Yoga instruction certification, so seeing blogs like this ESPECIALLY from the company that I work for (Yep, I work for you all at the Call Center!), is truly inspiring and it brings a smile to my face. :)



11 years ago

Been practicing since 2006 and still love it. It also helps me sing better, because yoga helps you to stop that shallow breathing I think we all do when we are under stress. Great choice for your new yoga line!

11 years ago

In a totally non-creepy kinda way… I could totally watch her practice forever, she has such a beautiful yoga practice and has an incredible but yet delicate strength that is so awesome to watch. OK I’m done being a lurker :)

11 years ago

Briohny just rocks! No other way to put it, she simply rocks. Amazing person, amazing yogi, amazing teacher.

11 years ago

Briohny u r such an inspiration each day..i look forward to the day when i can master the handstands with as much ease as you do them..u make everything seem so effortless despite knowing how much hard work, determination, discipline and constant encouragement it requires. Thank u fr such inspiration & encouragement!! :)

11 years ago

P.S. I just remembered… I totally bought the pants she is wearing. Can’t wait to get them! :3

5 years ago

Wow. Briohny inspires us all. Yoga is so good for health.