Yoga Essentials: What to Pack for Your First Yoga Class

Yoga essentials for beginners: When I first went to yoga I wasn’t really familiar with what to wear or with what essential items I would need for my first class.

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It can sometimes be a daunting experience at the beginning, so we wanted to put your mind at ease and give you some inspiration on what to pack for a yoga class. Always wear yoga clothes that are super comfortable. It’s also very helpful if the show your body frame so you can have a better understanding of the positions and see if you are doing them well. I usually wear tight leggings and a tight tank or crop top.

Yoga Essentials

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To commute to and from my yoga class, I bring a lightweight sweater and some sneakers — they make for an easy and quick change before and after class.

Now for the accessories: Hair ties and clips are a must. I hate it when my hair gets in my way — I lose my concentration. Grab a yoga mat of your choice and a bottle of water to keep you hydrated throughout class.

And there you go! Basic yoga essentials for your yoga class.

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11 years ago

Hair ties and clips are a must! It is the biggest pain to stop and lose your focus just to flip your hair out of your face! Easy to put on shoes are crucial as well! You definitely want a pair that are comfortable, light weight, and easy to put on. Great post! :) So excited for this new line!

11 years ago

when i saw that fp movement launched today i SQUEALED. love love love!

11 years ago

Where is the yoga mat bag from? The new collection looks great!

Diane Edwards
10 years ago

Everything looks great. Are they at any store?