3 Classic Fall Colors, And How We’d Wear Them

Fall is my favorite time of year, when the leaves start to change and the sky turns into a deep, mysterious blue my heart starts racing. Seeing the leaves dance around in the streets is magical to me and thoughts of apple picking, pumpkins, and warm apple cider come rushing to me. I love the rustic red that Fall has to offer, the deep greens and the blue/grey skies that make your emotions run wild.  It’s the turn of a season and the transition period from your summer wardrobe to fall. So to pay tribute to my favorite colours, I picked out my favorite Free People items that go with my three favorite fall hues.

fall colors

Product: Aurora Washed Tee, Temptress Maxi, Legacy Henley,

Fall Colors

Product: Scallop Edge Crop, Marled Yarn Pullover

Fall Colors

Product: Light As Air Babydoll Top, Rose Garden Dress, Check Shirt Scarf

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8 years ago

I love fall colors. They are so warm & flattering! I love these inspirations!

8 years ago

I love the mixed print shoes in the forest green color picture. What shoes are they?

8 years ago

These images have a summer girl getting anxious for fall! Beautiful post!

8 years ago

I agree, I love fall and can’t wait for fall fashion :D This inspiration was great, love the colors!