One Bag Goes To New York

I spent all of last weekend in New York, where I’m from. I’ve been in love with the incredible Collected Treasures Satchel for quite some time and I finally got my hands on it, so of course I brought it with me for the weekend! I wanted to share my weekend with you guys in the form of a Blogger Diary, but my bag had other plans. It asked if it could write its own blog post as a guest blogger. I couldn’t say no, so here’s my weekend through the perspective of one fringe-y little bag!

Collected Treasures Satchel

The clock struck 6:07 on Friday evening and we were out the door! FP Brigette threw me (gracefully) onto the front seat of her minivan along with some road snacks. Minivan? I know. But this girl is constantly collecting pieces of furniture from thrift stores and off the side of the road, so it kind of makes sense that she drives this beautiful beast of a car. Oh, I forgot to mention that it has no seats in the back. I even asked her if I could ride in the back for a portion of the trip.

Collected Treasures Satchel

See what I mean? No seats; antique furniture.

Collected Treasures Satchel

We made it to Manhattan and immediately it was party time! We were on our way to a birthday party and I had the responsibility of holding the gift! I felt like one lucky duck. Well, one lucky bag.

Collected Treasures Satchel

The next morning we got bagels from Murray’s in midtown. Sesame with cream cheese, also known as the perfect breakfast. Aren’t NY bagels just the best?

Collected Treasures Satchel 

We then drove out to Long Island – the suburbs – which is where FP Brigette grew up. One of the first things we did was hop on a little row boat and enjoy the August sun in the most peaceful of peaceful settings. It’s amazing how much quieter it is out in the ‘burbs. It’s just as full of life as Manhattan is, but it’s a totally different kind of life… nature.

Collected Treasures Satchel

We found FP Brigette’s dad playing the bass and singing along, and we wanted to join in on the fun! He taught FP Brigette how to play “Happy Birthday” on the ukulele. I mean, it wasn’t anyone’s birthday, but if you’re playing the ukulele, it’s probably a good song to know, right?

Collected Treasures Satchel

That night we camped out with some of FP Brigette’s friends. I woke up the next morning in the tent alone – I guess they couldn’t make it through the night and decided to go sleep on real beds inside… wimps.

Collected Treasures Satchel

We took a little walk down to the beach and hung out with a caterpillar! I’d never seen one of those things in my life. It freaked me out, but I kind of wanted to befriend it… or eat it. Not sure. The pattern on its back was amazing, though. Look at those stripes! Look at those colors!

Collected Treasures Satchel

We chilled on the beach for a little bit, basking in the sun and loving life. The water was a bit too chilly for my liking, but I didn’t bring my swimsuit anyway.

Collected Treasures Satchel

On the walk back, we stopped and enjoyed the peacefulness one last time before heading back to Philadlphia. We soaked up every last drop of it.

Collected Treasures Satchel

And back to Philly we went! We made it back late Sunday night and I hung on FP Brigette’s mirror to go to sleep. I reflected on the weekend… as I reflected in the mirror (aw, my first pun! Wait, was that a pun?)… and I thought about what a nice weekend we had. It’s so much fun taking little weekend trips. I heard through the clothesline that FP Brigette will be going back to NY for Fashion’s Night Out… Do you think she’ll take me again?!

Product featured: Collected Treasures Satchel

Photos by FP Brigette.

Remember that time a sweater went on a little weekend trip? We love One Sweater Goes To NYC!

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11 years ago

Beautiful … what a lucky bag <3

11 years ago

It is beautiful….but who can afford a $668 dollar bag that I couldv’e made myself if I tried!!!???? Really Free People!?

11 years ago

WOW!! lovely…that bag is killer – I want it so bad!!!

When & if you ever get tired of it, I am more than willing to give it a home and take the lil’ bugger off your hands!!! :D

11 years ago

Miss Collected Treasures is a pretty little rich girl. Soon, she will demand a Bentley with a driver, at least 3 Assistants and a Publicist! LOL ;))

11 years ago

$668 is ridiculous! definitely something to make for yourself

11 years ago

I love this chic bag. This could match in a lot of outfits.

9 years ago

where do i find this bag???