The Benefits Of Riding Your Bike

(This post was posted on June 9th 2012, we thought it be great to bring it back this weekend as the weather is super fine here in Philly)

Isn’t it beautiful riding your bike? The freewheeling feeling and the ability to get to someplace faster than walking… when the spring/summer comes it’s all about biking for me.

I find it inspiring when I see cute girls on bikes during the summer — pulling off a cute bicycle look is hard! Below is a cute little bike riding look we love and a little diagram on the benefits of a bicycle!

benefits of a bicycleImage

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  1. Ive been riding my bike everywhere while my car was out of commission …its back to working but I still enjoy riding my bike…so I still ride it everywhere

  2. LOVE Free People clothes! Your demin dresses are so pretty and you can wear them year round. They never seem to go out of style.

  3. The benefits of riding a bike are endless. The main benefit is obviously that it improves your health and physical fitness but it also has other benefits such as reducing your carbon footprint. Thanks for the post.

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