Make Your Own Blooming Flower Tea

Like a flower, you blossom when you’re happy and full of light. Blooming flower teas make me happy. Not only do I find them fascinating to look at when I immerse them in hot water, I also adore all the lovely things they do to your insides. Flowering tea comes from China; it consists of a bundle of dried tea leaves wrapped around a dried flower. They are bound together to create a tight bulb and then set to dry. They are usually placed into a clear cup so you can see the full effects when they blossom in the water.

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My favorite flowering teas are jasmine, which is subtly sweet and has a calming effect on your body, and hibiscus, which has a cranberry taste that’s light and unexpected. I always find that flowering teas are a great gift to give someone. They are unique, memorable and naturally contribute to improved health and wellness. So maybe for someone’s birthday, or just as a thank you gift, pack some up in a pretty package and pass along. I’m sure it will put a smile on anyone’s face!

flowering tea bulbs



How do I brew a Blooming Flower Tea?

What you need:

One Blooming Flower Tea Bulb –  You can buy these at most Chinese Supermarkets

4 cups of water

and sugar if you need it

and then…

Step One: Place a blooming tea bulb into a clear glass tea pot

Step Two: Heat the water, but remember the water should not be boiling. We say around 170 degrees when poured onto the flower bulb is best.

Step Three: Pour the boiled water over the bulb in the glass tea pot

Step Four: Watch it unravel from a bulb into a beautiful blooming flower

Step Five: Steep the tea for at least 3 minutes, don’t be afraid to taste it to see if it has reached it’s desired strength

Step Six: Pour into a cup and relax and enjoy

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Blooming tea, how interesting!!! love your blog….and the picture of blooming tea is so pretty!! Keep writing….;)) We do have award winning quality blooming tea, if you like;))

Thanks for sharing!

Raj Patel

I want chinese tea bulbs at my house and I want it as soon as possible


This is such a pretty idea. I love it and will be giving it out as gifts to everyone I know that like to drink tea.