Caveman Talks To Free People At Outside Lands (And Wants To Write For The Blog!)

I’ve interviewed Caveman a couple of times now and I was so excited that they were at Outside Lands and that we got a chance to hang out for a bit. Read on for an interview with Caveman and to see photos from their Outside Lands show!

Lead image by Erin Hagstrom,; rest by FP Julia.

When did you guys get here?

Thursday night, at different times…we had an adventure getting here. The rhythm section took the early flight; the other three took the later flight. We took several later flights. We had to go to La Guardia and then Newark to here. There were thunderstorms in front of the plane, way too much turbulence. Disturbulence.

What have you been doing since you got here?

We’ve just been experiencing the wonderful times, a lot of positive vibes.

This is my favorite festival.

It’s quickly becoming ours. It’s really incredible, the grounds are really beautiful. Have you been to Chocolands? It’s really magical over that way, at nightfall. That’s where we’re going after this.

So you’re playing tomorrow. What can we expect?

Great positive vibes, a couple new songs. We’re working on a new record right now. We’re playing the solar and wind powered (Panhandle) stage. And green is my machine.

Jimmy, how long have you been making guitars?

I’ve been making them for 3 years now.

Do you guys all use them?


Do you have to?

Yes, pretty much. No, but they’re ridiculous. Once you play one, you’re not gonna not want to play it.

How long are you guys in San Fran?

Till Monday.

Then what?

We have a couple things, we’re playing at the Independent with Grandaddy. They just got back together to play this festival, so we’re excited for that. We’re going to Sweden, then we’re going to finish up our record.

When will that be finished?

Probably in the next two months.

Do you know what it’s going to be called?

No, not yet. We should do a raffle, just raffle that one off.

You mean like someone will win the chance to name it? That would be awesome.


Also, I want to get this on record, Jimmy said that he would write a column for the Free People blog. He’s going to do a tour diary. Once a week.

Oh yeah, I’m ready.

What are you going to write about for your tour diary?

I can’t tell you. It’s going to be really inspirational.

Check out some photos from Caveman’s show on Sunday at Outside Lands!

caveman band

caveman band

caveman band

caveman band

caveman band

caveman band

caveman band

caveman band

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