Color Palette Inspiration: Army & Ivory

We are loving the Military/Victorian trend at Free People right now. Everywhere you look you’ll see ivory vintage tops paired back to structured, rugged bottoms and jackets. Being the décor fiend that I am, I see absolutely no reason why this trend shouldn’t be incorporated into the aesthetic of your home! Here’s some inspiration for creating a décor color palette based on two important colors: army and ivory.

Crochet Curtain

Girl with Antlers

Army Green Bedroom

White Vintage Telephone

Beautiful Tea Glasses

Vintage Lace Curtains

Lace Fan

Green Spools of Thread

Army Green Tin Box

Afternoon Sun, Windows, Lace Curatins

Click on images for sources; top image source.

More color palette inspiration and home decor ideas!

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8 years ago

I love the shot of the lace curtains above the fan!

6 years ago

I am sure this design will look wonderful and should be incorporated for interior use. I think the best part is uniqueness and the bit of uncertainty and mystery treatment in design. It gives a deep impact :) Sometimes, sounds mysterious too…!