Cute, Creative, And Cool: Little Free Libraries

This morning I came across something so adorable and inspiring, it had to be shared. It also involves reading, and the bookworm in me got really excited. Little Free Library is a free book exchange carried on through hundreds of cute, tiny libraries nationwide. I love the idea of book exchange. While Kindles and other tablet devices are making reading convenient (and green!), I still love the romance of used books, particularly when they are shared. You can learn more about where to find one of these charming exchanges near you, or even better how to start your own, by visiting the Little Free Library website. (BoingBoing)

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8 years ago

Like redbox for books! Love this cute idea.

Come check out the easy dessert of Amaretto Berries I put together. Perfect for summer. :)


8 years ago

These started in MADISON,WI, where I currently live.

8 years ago

That’s a fresh idea! With the rise of kindle and these electronic books, we need ideas like this to keep books from going obsolete!

8 years ago

I actually saw one at Cambridge University when I did a program there this summer! I also thought it was the cutest thing.

8 years ago

We have one in Jeffersonville, In. I just contributed book. All they had before was young adult fiction, but now they have Blink.