DIY: How To Create Easy Ombre Nails

We’ve all fallen in love with ombre, whether it’s clothes, hair accessories, you name it.  Ombre is on our minds. This week we’re moving the trend onto our nails, creating a subtle effect with nail polish.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to create ombre nails.

What you’ll need: 2 nail colours of your choice, a sponge and a tooth pick

ombre nails

One: Choose your two colours and decide on a base. Apply the base colour and allow to dry.

ombre nails

Two: On a flat surface (we used a paper plate), paint a small amount of the two nail colours, side by side.

ombre nails

Three: With a toothpick, merge the colours together slightly so there isn’t a definite line between them.

ombre nails

Four: Dab into the colours with your sponge, right in the middle.

ombre nails

Five: Sponge lightly onto your nails, starting at the top with a couple of dabs, moving down as the colour starts to weaken.

ombre nails

And there you have it: Ombre Nails!

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  1. I also just did this recently just with the sponge; no toothpick or paper plate required and it still looked fabulous. Just apply 1-2 layers of whatever base coat you want then let it dry. Then I painted a small amount of my top contrasting coat onto the edge of a sponge and just dabbed, layering it further towards the top of the nail. You can even go back and forth a bit alternating the colors with your dabbing for blending till it looks how you want it. Maybe a little thicker on the application, but it still looked cool, and was relatively easy to take off.

  2. Just did this! It was super easy and I combined your directions with Becca’s, the previous commenter above. I can’t wait to try other color combos with this! It’s so easy and such a great effect!

  3. Doing this right now with red & gold glitter for the holidays! Love how this looks good on short nails. Perfect!

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