DIY Patchwork Denim Throw Rug

This DIY is something I’ve actually been wanting to do for a while. Inspired by our fall store displays, I found a renewed desire to make a patchwork denim throw rug.  This is a great way to use old clothing and fabric scraps and turn them into something to add to your home décor!

Boots pictured – the Frontier Stitch Boot.

What you need:

Scraps of fabric of your choosing. I like the idea of using varying washes of denim like our store display team did, and incorporating other bits of fabric as fun pop colors.

Scissors, needle, thread, safety pins.

diy denim patchwork throw rug

I happen to have a craft supply bin in my apartment full of scraps of old denim so this was the perfect way for me to use them. But, you can also go to a thrift store and buy a few pairs of cheap denim to make this project (kid-sized jeans work, too!).

diy patchwork denim throw rug

For the pop colors I used bits of fabric from our display team – but again, you can use any old clothing scraps or find fun printed and colorful shirts at a thrift store and cut them up!

diy patchwork denim throw rug

Start small. I didn’t try and lay out all the scraps to begin with because it seemed too daunting. I just started with two pieces, sewed them together by hand, and went from there. I like using oddly shaped pieces too!

diy patchwork denim throw rug

This is a great project to work on over a long period of time, adding to it as you please. But if you want to make something quickly, don’t worry – this only took me one day :)

diy patchwork denim throw rug

It’s starting to take shape! I had originally planned on cutting it to be a circle but decided to keep it this oval-type shape in case I continue to expand on it – I’m thinking it might make a pretty amazing bedspread eventually :)

diy patchwork denim throw rug

Once you’re finished with the main body of the rug, you can start adding fun colorful patches in pop colors! Just sew them right on top of the denim.

diy patchwork denim throw rug

And that’s it! I now have a lovely little patchwork rug under my desk chair.*

*note – that is not my desk chair in the above photo :)

diy patchwork denim rug

Boots pictured – the Frontier Stitch Boot.

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11 years ago

Love this idea! and the boots.


11 years ago
11 years ago

That’s so cute! I love all the DIY’s on this blog, they’re all so creative!!


10 years ago

That looks lovely. What hand stitch did you use? Also, for the non-denim scraps, did you fold over all of the edges or leave them out?
Thanks :)

2 years ago

Hi I love this idea. I’ve been homebound bc of my lupus so I’ve been exploring ideas to do and this one is. Great!