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By Tracy Allen ~ Week of August 6-12.

leo star sign illustration


July 23-August 22

For such an outgoing sign, you’ve been internalizing a lot lately, thanks in part to Mercury backtracking in Leo. The communication planet’s direct turn will help you get back to expressing yourself, but it forms difficult angles this week with confusing Neptune in your psychology zone and desirous Venus in your unconscious sector. So for now, putting everything going on inside you into words will remain problematic. Your intense yearning, psychological transformation and hidden inclinations are still buried quite deep. Use this jumble of inner emotion and outer expression to maximize your creative efforts. Recognize that you’re in a highly subjective state that lends itself more to imaginative work than to honest and literal interaction.



virgo star sign illustration



August 23-September 22

You’ve felt rather off the past few weeks with Mercury retrograde, so when it goes direct this week, your mood should improve. But this trickster planet—which happens to rule your sign—has been in your secrets zone since late June and isn’t leaving there until the last day of August. Have you been playing your cards close to the chest out of fear? Don’t avoid confrontation if it seems necessary; say what has to be said. Social Venus’s move into your friend sector will ease the way, since you’ll have an easier time relating to people now.


libra star sign illustration



September 23-October 22

This is a great week for speaking to a group, schmoozing your boss, scoring great contacts, snagging a mentor, improving work relationships, and looking like a rock star to higher-ups. That’s because appealing Venus enters your career angle, and smooth-talking Mercury moves forward in your networking house, setting you up for a professional slam dunk. “Setting you up” are key words, because the follow-through is up to you. You’ll be in an ideal position for good things to happen, but you need to commit yourself to working very hard now.


scorpio star sign illustration


October 23-November 21

The concept of love is highly personal, so it’s always struck me as dubious when people make ironclad pronouncements about it that are supposed to apply to everyone on earth. (“You just know when it’s right” being one example.) What truths do you hold to be self-evident about love? When relational Venus enters your philosophy zone this week, posing such a question to yourself can prove to be a highly educational—and potentially cathartic—exercise. When it comes to love, what do you believe? Have your beliefs changed over the years? Have your ideals shifted? Are your expectations the same as ever? What have you learned from your relationships? If you had a motto about love, what would it be? Your answers can serve as a guide to your future love life.



sagittarius star sign illustration


November 22-December 21

Your sign is about expanding horizons—those of the mind, and the geographical kind as well. You like to push past arbitrary limits and decide for yourself what you believe and where you can go in life. So when mental Mercury goes direct in your philosophy-and-travel house, learning and exploring get the green light once again, after a few weeks of sluggishness. One unexpected twist: Venus sashays into your intimacy zone this week also, suggesting that close relationships will help you grow. Stretch past your comfort zone with other people, and you’ll learn more than you could alone.



capricorn star sign illustration


December 22-January 19

Sweet Venus crosses your partnership angle and enters your opposite sign—sensitive Cancer—this week, highlighting the value of having caring people in your corner. Cancer’s archetypal energy is nurturing, emotional, life-giving, flowing, maternal and feminine, while Capricorn’s is ambitious, practical, life-conquering, structured, paternal and masculine. These two signs symbolize the mother and the father. And though you were born when the sun was in Capricorn, your chart is a circle containing all twelve signs, so Cancer is in you somewhere! As you goats struggle to take on the world, pause here and there to mother yourself. Let your kind, comforting side soothe your hard-line, pessimistic side. And be thankful for the gentle souls around you.



aquarius star sign illustration



January 20-February 18

When values-oriented Venus enters your health sector this week and links up with Neptune in your self-worth house, remember to appreciate your body and treat it like the temple that it is. Venus is also about pleasure and play, so make health a priority, but don’t forget to make it fun. Give a summer sport like beach volleyball a try, or find a running buddy and turn your morning jog into a gabfest. Change up your smoothie recipe with a different ingredient like matcha, a tasty green tea powder packed with antioxidants. When possible, substitute walking or biking for another form of transportation like driving—and use the time to listen to music that makes you arrive at your destination with a smile.


pisces star sign illustration



February 19-March 20

Mushy Pisces get a treat this week when Venus—the planet that rules love—enters your romance zone and harmonizes with dreamy Neptune in your sign. At the same time, cerebral Mercury is moving forward in your analysis sector, so words and thoughts begin to flow better, but they may be a tad critical or self-critical. Be open to love in whatever way, shape or form it’s trying to come into your life. Don’t block its flow by overanalyzing, judging or thinking too negatively. These probably aren’t your natural tendencies to begin with, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to shake them off. Let your guard down, express your feelings freely, and have an open-door policy for people bearing gifts of any sort.


aries star sign illustration



March 21-April 19

What you call a normal day looks more like an action movie to the rest of us! Your always-on-the-go sign could use a nourishing home base to refuel you for that whirlwind of a life. Comely Venus will be gracing your domestic sector for the next month, so set about beautifying your digs. You can create a pleasant atmosphere to unwind in without breaking the bank by zeroing in on small touches like fresh flowers and framed personal photos. You may want to start with your bedroom, since Venus is clicking with sleepy Neptune in your retreat sector this week, and because that’s the room that sustains you the most.


taurus star sign illustration



April 20-May 20

Getting your point across becomes so much easier this week, with talky Mercury turning direct and Venus gliding into your communication zone. Venus rules beauty and love; and the area of your chart that it will occupy for the coming month not only rules communication, but also concerns siblings, early education and your immediate surroundings. A sampling of the various satisfying ways to express this combo: Socialize with your brothers, sisters and neighbors; take in the beauty of your neighborhood on long walks or bike rides; improve the aesthetics of your community by volunteering to clean a park or paint a mural at the local school playground; tell people you love them or—even better—revive a lost art by writing a love letter.


gemini star sign illustration



May 21-June 20

When Mercury, your ruler, turns direct this week in the confident sign of Leo, you should start to feel like you’re getting your bearings back. It won’t be nearly as challenging now to sift through your thoughts or to string a sentence together. And if any misunderstandings arose during Mercury’s retrograde the past few weeks, it’s time to stop sidestepping them. Affectionate Venus’s move into your values house will remind you who and what matters to you most. Between the silver tongue of Mercury and the warmth of Venus, you’ll be able to patch things up—or just reconnect if there’s no rift to repair.


cancer star sign illustration



June 21-July 22

After Venus’s extended stay in your hidden sector, her entry into your sign is a welcome ray of sunshine. Your relationships went underground in some way during the last four months. Whether unconscious motives made waves in your relationship; you were attracted to someone and kept it to yourself; or you got into a behind-closed-doors situation, something was definitely brewing. Love comes out into the open now, when Venus in Cancer makes you and others more aware of your worth, your magnetism and your desires. Dates and travel are both indicated as approaches to pleasure, so get out there!


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11 years ago

These horoscopes are scarily accurate! X

11 years ago

I love all the posts on the blog, but reading horoscopes are always my fav! and the sketches that go along with them are great

11 years ago

I’m not someone who believes much in horoscopes, but they are fun to read (:
What’s crazy is how accurate my zodiac is for me, pretty interesting (: