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By Tracy Allen ~ Week of August 20-26.

virgo star sign illustration



August 23-September 22

The sun moves into Virgo this week, waking you up like a six-pack of Red Bull. Your sign’s sense of duty is admirable, but the coming month calls for you to be self-centered in a good way. You may need a refresher course on how to serve your own needs as a means to fulfilling your life purpose. Warrior Mars in your ingrained-thinking zone can help you to fight against your default thought patterns that can prevent you from coming into your own. One of the most obvious arenas that our personal baggage gets played out in is relationships. Are you so conditioned to be helpful that you’re sacrificing too much to someone else? Are you verbalizing your own needs to that person? Work on being as compassionate and beneficent with yourself as you are with them.


libra star sign illustration



September 23-October 22

You’ve had the support of others lately and are probably even in favor with your boss. You’ve taken on a lot, with driven Mars in your sign, and people have been backing your cause while the sun transited your groups zone. But as the sun and Mars move on to other signs—and other agendas—this week, you’ll naturally change course, too. Recognize that part of you is winding down, which introduces the question: What next? The sun in your vision sector lends imagination to the answer, and Mars in your resources zone pushes you to ask a follow-up question: What do I need in order to make this happen? Dream it, then concretize it.


scorpio star sign illustration



October 23-November 21

Scorpios are innately private creatures, but this week, when agitator Mars enters your sign and the proud sun moves into your networking zone, you’ve got to put yourself out there without hesitation. You can make a huge lasting impression now—why pass that up? Showcase your uniqueness as an individual, and you’ll provoke a response. Mars has an emboldening effect, encouraging you to show people what you’re made of and what you can do. It’s a great time for getting a ton accomplished, but just make sure not to work behind the scenes like you’re naturally inclined to do. Whether you’re toiling independently or as part of a team, creativity is emphasized, since both the sun and Mars connect with imaginative Neptune in your artistic house.


sagittarius star sign illustration



November 22-December 21

The outgoing sun enters your ambition angle this week, nudging you into the spotlight. You’ll take on a leadership role and more responsibility—and in the process, hopefully you’ll achieve something that you’ve been working toward. Your personal goal has finally morphed into your public status, and this is your chance to see if it’s really what you want. Does it match up with the ideal that it started out as? If not, start working in private to prepare for a time when the spotlight fades. Confront any self-defeating behavior that made it more difficult for you to reach this current pinnacle, but also pat yourself on the back for getting there. If you feel ready to set new goals, do a little soul searching first. Your intuition can tell you which direction to set off in next.


capricorn star sign illustration


December 22-January 19

Two supercharged planets, the sun and Mars, enter areas of your chart this week that can open up a whole new world for you. The sun moves into your journeys house, and Mars continues the theme by marching into your groups zone. Make a concerted effort to associate with people who will broaden your worldview, teach you new things and introduce new experiences into your life. Try to affiliate yourself with those who can expand your philosophy. One caveat: Be direct and humble in your intentions. Make sure to present yourself in an honest light, and try not to come on too strong. It can be awkward to meet new people and show your desire to join their circle, so remain sensitive to how your assertiveness impacts others.



aquarius star sign illustration



January 20-February 18

Make-it-happen Mars shows up in your career angle this week, giving you the energy to go after your goals with laser focus. This kind of zeal means you’re in no mood for a boss. Your sign already has an independence streak as wide as the Grand Canyon. On your current mission to pursue a dream, having to answer to anyone will be perceived as an obstacle. The sun’s move into your intense-emotions sector hints that the more personal passion you pour into your drive for success, the better you’ll fare. Obviously, you don’t want to cross higher-ups. But the sun symbolizes the ego, and Mars the drive to feed the ego, so if your actions are a genuine expression of your core identity, the planets want you to go for it. People in positions of authority will take notice if you put your heart and soul into achieving.


pisces star sign illustration



February 19-March 20

Pisces is the sign of illusion, and Neptune—which rules your sign—is also known for its illusory effect. (Planets and the signs they rule share archetypal themes.) So with Neptune in your sign these days, people may be a little extra confused by you! The sun crosses your relationship angle this week, shining a light on how others see you. In the next month, look at the roles you play in your various relationships, and try to see yourself through the lens of the other person. Doer Mars enters your beliefs sector this week also, which signals the need to shake up your self-image. Be willing to explore new ideas about your personality based on a perspective that’s free of self-delusion. You’ll learn so much by being brutally honest with yourself. But the point is not to beat yourself up, something Pisces are prone to doing. The point is to take the veil off and create healthier, more real relationships with yourself and with those closest to you.


aries star sign illustration


March 21-April 19

All of the planets in our solar system orbit around the sun, and this astronomical axiom translates to astrology as well. The sun is the key organizing principle in the chart, while the other planets can be viewed as its servants. Your ruler, Mars, is the henchman of the sun, because he represents the drive to go out and get the sun—your ego—what it wants. This week, both of these planets change signs and continue to work in tandem. The sun enters your job sector, while Mars moves into your transformation zone. This is a time to intensify your efforts—to do what you do as expertly as possible and with a sense of purpose. Don’t do anything halfway, and don’t separate your emotions from your work now. What are your feelings about how you spend your days? Is there a career change that would transform you for the better and give your life more depth and focus? What you’re going through now is powerful but subtle, so when in doubt, dig deeper to understand it.


taurus star sign illustration



April 20-May 20

The sun and Mars, both of which are yang planets, move into social houses in your chart this week, encouraging you to come out of your shell. The sun leaves your domestic angle and lights up your romance-and-play sector, while Mars charges into your relationship house, leaving your work zone. The company of others will infuse your life with joy, so get out of the house and the office, two places where you’ve already spent too much summer-fun time. Immerse yourself in one-on-one personal interaction and group socializing, and let people experience the real you, the one that’s been in hiding lately. Assert yourself, be open to love, clear the air with someone if necessary and be conscious of how people react to this side of you. If you sense you might be dominating others, soften the edges, but don’t compromise who you are.


gemini star sign illustration


May 21-June 20

Back to basics! The sun shines in your roots angle and Mars activates your duty sector this week, narrowing your focus to the fundamental workings of your day-to-day life. Your energy should be less scattered now as you turn your attention to mundane matters. It can be challenging for kinetic Geminis to rein in their brains and channel all their nervous energy. But seeing the connections between your security and your job will allow you to get the most out of the equation. Is your work helping you to create the home that you want? Are you spending the bulk of your time doing something that will help you to build a strong foundation for yourself? Are you doing work in the world that you can feel good about when you come home at night? Is your job a reflection of your childhood aspirations? Mull over your particular relationship between home and work to come up with answers.


cancer star sign illustration


June 21-July 22

Both the confident sun and forceful Mars connect with idealistic Neptune this week, and these three planets are occupying your communication, self-expression and beliefs sectors, respectively. So your attention is called to how you get your point across to others. Do you convey your opinion in a manner that’s too authoritative? Or do you do the opposite and speak in a tentative tone, sending the message that you’re not sure what you’re talking about? Or are you too timid to speak your piece? To communicate more satisfactorily, tap into your heartfelt beliefs, the ones that feel intrinsic to who you are and trigger the strongest emotions. Be proud of the originality of your ideas. Jump into a conversation and—without arrogance——experience the feeling of holding court.



leo star sign illustration



July 23-August 22

As your ruling planet, the sun, segues into your values-and-assets house this week, it will start to shine a light on your gifts. Mars is on the move at the same time, entering your childhood angle. Mars symbolizes the action principle and strives to act on the sun’s behalf. So while the sun’s purpose now is to reveal the hidden resources within you, Mars is mobilizing your memories of growing up to help you uncover these talents. Is there something you value about yourself that others can’t seem to see? Maybe something that was a source of strife in childhood? Fight (a Mars word) to get to the bottom of what was lost in childhood that needs to be unearthed now.  Breathe new life (the solar principle) into it. You need to acknowledge your roots in order to animate this part of yourself. It’s worth it.


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