Ingredients For A Delicious New York Breakfast

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and when it comes to the weekend, nothing beats going for brunch. Last Saturday in NY we woke up, put The Smiths on the stereo in the kitchen, and made what we dreamt of the night before: wholegrain bread, cream cheese, strawberries and alfalfa sprouts.

This small dish is healthy, refreshing and wholesome and is just the right amount to get you through the morning.

What you need:

Bread of your choice, we used wholegrain bread

Cream cheese


Alfalfa sprouts

That’s all you need! First we toasted the bread and added a thin layer of cream cheese. Then we cut the strawberries into triangles, placed on top and added a sprinkle of alfalfa sprouts to finish. It’s yummy and there’s a whole lot of goodness in this meal, too.

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9 years ago

I’ve always wondered what alfalfa sprouts taste like..oh..and..your making me hungry :)

9 years ago

This looks tasty and easy! What a perfect way to start your day!

9 years ago

Love your table!

9 years ago


I am just discovering that Free People have a blog! * Happy dance * *Happy day!*

9 years ago

I made a vegan version as soon as I saw this post and I instantly fell in love. It’s so simple but it’s seriously the best breakfast fix I’ve ever had!

9 years ago

I also just discovered FB has a Blog. I’m totally in love with it. I have to try this breakfast. I’m needing something new. I’m also thinking it would make an awesome weekend dinner. What flavor cream cheese would go best with bean sprouts?

9 years ago

Couldn’t find any alfalfa sprouts at my local grocery store but I did buy some strawberry cream cheese to try this with… can’t wait!!! I love new ideas for breakfast, it makes getting up that much more exciting!