Why I’ve Fallen In Love With Cacti

Over the last couple of weeks I have been gathering cacti for my home and have fallen in love with the obscure looking plants. It is said that having a cactus in your home will help absorb negative energies and I’m all for that! I have 2 situated on my coffee table next to a geode that was given to us by a friend and one of them is placed on a little Parisian plate that I bought from a lady who lived in Maine at Brimfield’s antique market.  Having a display on your coffee table is fun to look at if you’re just sitting, gazing into to space, trying to empty your mind. Cacti need little care to maintain, just water once a week, keep in a well-lit area and that’s it. They are perfect for me. So if you need to get rid of some negative energies or just want some cute plants to look at, go out and buy some cactus this weekend.

cactus arrangement

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9 years ago

I have tons of cacti clustered with geodes and crystals all around my room! they are so pretty and easy to care for!