New Music We Love – What Was Your Favorite New Album This Summer?

Is there anything better than discovering new music? It’s like making a new friend who you just want to be around all the time. There are a couple of new albums coming out today that I’ve been eagerly waiting for, as well as a couple of recent releases that I’ve been listening to on repeat. Here’s some of our favorite new music – what was your favorite album to come out this summer? Let us know in the comments!

purity ring

Shrines is the debut album released last week from Montreal-born band Purity Ring, which consists of Megan James (vocals) and Corin Roddick (instruments). Despite this being their first album, the band is already generating a lot of buzz, and is currently included on Pitchfork’s list of best new music. In a time when the number of indie electronic bands is increasing exponentially, it seems to be more and more difficult for a band to stand out, but Purity Ring manages to do just that with James’s sweet vocals that float over a dreamy atmospheric background. Check out “Fineshrine” and “Ungirthed.”


Yeasayer released their third album, Fragrant World, today – their first since 2008’s Odd Blood. Whereas their previous album featured electronic, spaced-out, dance-worthy tracks like “O.N.E.” and “Ambling Alp,” their new release finds them coming back down to Earth. The music seems a bit more somber and personal as they take a more introspective approach and, while the album does have its higher-energy points, the overall vibe is much more chilled out. The band is touring in support of the new album, so check out their tour dates and catch them live!

bloc party

Bloc Party is back from a four-year hiatus following a heavily buzzed-about start to their career. I was really excited when I heard the news that they were getting back together, and have been eagerly waiting for their new album. To be completely honest, it took me a few listens to really appreciate the new album Four. It contains a mix of punk-influenced rock anthems as well as more mellow, indie sounding tunes, which I actually prefer – my favorites being “Real Talk” and “The Healing.” Bloc Party has also been on the tour circuit this summer. I caught part of their high-energy set at Outside Lands last weekend and they sounded awesome. Check out their tour dates to see if they’re coming to your neighborhood!

**New Tracks**

new music releases

There are also a few bands who have released new singles off their upcoming albums, giving us a little taste of what’s to come! It feels like it has been forever since The XX released an album, but earlier this month they released the single “Chained,” and it is everything I’ve been waiting so long to hear! Their new album, Coexist, will be out September 11th. Grizzly Bear has also released a new song called “Yet Again,” following the first single “Sleeping Ute” which was released earlier this summer. I like the sound of “Yet Again” even more than the first single, which is making me even more excited to hear their new album! “Shields” will be out September 18th.

More new indie music we love.

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Mar (@scumul)
9 years ago

Great selection! I love when you make post like this cause I always discover something new and awesome! but you need to add Skipping Stone by Alexz Johnson, Im obsessed with that album, Its at the top of my list this summer!

9 years ago

Yeah this is all beautiful stuff but you’re missing Quiet Life’s Big Green album!
It’s a must have:)

9 years ago

Graham Alexander!!!!! His entire album is genius.

9 years ago

Check out Ben Howard…he’s up and coming in the UK and going to blow up in the US very soon!

9 years ago

Angus and Julia Stone has to be my greatest find this summer, either that or Birdy. Both are beautiful beyond words!!

9 years ago