Olympic Denim Vest DIY And Giveaway!

Olympic fever has taken over, even here at Free People! It’s so much fun to watch and even more, it’s fun to get a little patriotic with your fashion to show support for your country! We decided that a denim vest was the perfect base piece to customize with your country’s flag for the Olympics. Though we are in the United States, we have a lot of love for Great Britain, too, and with London as this year’s Olympic host, we decided to put a Union Jack on the back of our denim vest! To show your support for the USA check out our American Flag Shorts DIY :)

olympic denim vest

What you need: a denim vest, fabric paint and painters tape. I suggest our Cut Off Denim Vest!

union jack

I used the above Union Jack found here as inspiration – I love its faded look!

olympic denim vest

The instructions for this will vary depending on what flag you customize your vest with, but make use of the painters tape to help make clean, straight lines.

I marked off the area for the large red cross first. Make sure you cover up all surrounding areas with tape so that you don’t get red paint where you don’t want it!

olympic denim vest

Now you’re ready to spray! I used red spray paint for apparel made by Simply Spray.

olympic denim vest

I actually just used a paint brush for the remainder of the Union Jack – I wanted the white to run over the red a bit to give it a faded, slightly rough look.

olympic denim vest

Using the painter’s tape, mark off where you want to make additional lines and just fill it in using a paint brush!

olympic denim vest

Ready for the best part? We’re giving this vest away! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post with your name and email address (so we can contact you if you win) and we’ll select a winner at random one week from today!

Check out our American Flag Shorts DIY and more DIY projects from the BLDG 25 Blog!

Photos by FP Julia


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  1. love love love this. but can i wear this with my DIY American Flag shorts, or will i look slightly confused?

  2. i want to DIY my own vest! i’m having such a hard time finding the *perfect* one in the thrift store :(

  3. Love this! I too am having a tough time finding a great denim vest at the thrift store. I’d love to win this one!

  4. I want THIS VEST! Inspired me to make one just like it!! I LOVE FREEPEOPLE for their innovative ideas and clothes!!!

  5. Love this vest and team GB! If I don’t win I surely will be making one for myself!
    Great DIY like always!

  6. Super cute! I’ve been wanting to get a denim vest and what better way then to jazz it up with a lil patriotism!

  7. Love this design! I painted my nails with the union jack and american flag for the olympics!

  8. Love it! It is awesome to see you guys spice up this jacket to show some Olympic spirit. The American shorts are adorable also. Keep it up!

  9. I love free people and everything they are about! The clothes, the creativity, the design. This vest sums it up! I’m hoping to work towards a graphic design job with you all someday!
    This vest is perfection.

  10. I want to wear it with nothing underneath, like Rihanna in the We found love music video haha.

  11. Lovin you DIY vest this week would def rock the vest with a fp dress and some knee highs and boots :)

  12. This is so cute. I love looking at all of your guys DIY on instagram. I would be so honored to win this. Love you guys! <3

  13. I adore this denim jacket DIY! Patriotic-inspired things are my obsession this summer. And I love that this is a union jack, because it’s refreshing to see a different kind of red, white, & blue! :) I’d love to win this! It’d be a statement staple in all four seasons!

  14. I’ve always wanted a vest JUST LIKE THIS and could never find one! Thanks freepeople for teaching me how to do it myself (:

  15. I just got back from studying abroad in London and owning this gorgeous vest could help with my withdrawals ;) I love it!

  16. I love it! The rustic look of the painting completes the look of the jean vest!!! PERFECTION! (;

  17. badass vest. this vest is the best. i’m not trying to be a pest and to this blog I am definitely no guest, but why don’t you just check me out and forget the rest. let me have that badass vest.


  18. I love this idea. Def believe in supporting The Games — I’m from The States,
    and my boyfriend is from Blackpool, England so I love to show off my GB support!
    Fingers crossed! ✌

  19. Loving the Olympics…this vest is super cool. Would love to wear it while having English afternoon tea!

  20. This is an awesome vest! I love watching the Olympics this year especially Ryan Lochet, awesome swimmer:)

  21. This would be absolutely perfect to wear in my union jack mini cooper with my union jack nails i painted in honor of the olympics. LOVE IT

  22. I love all the union jack detail going on right now! Olympics 2012 has been a good time for style!!! :) REALLY hope I win this!

  23. Though I’m not normally into it, I’ve been loving the Americana trend this summer. If I won this vest, I’d pair it with my black, high-waisted, side-zip skinny jeans, a vintage tee, and lace-up ankle boots. Please and thank you! ;) esanoussi@drew.edu

  24. I love this vest especially with flag on the back which makes it unique…if i dont win ill sure be doing this!!

  25. Love Love Love this denim vest! Would be a perfect and essential item in my closet to express my love for Britain. <3

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