September Catalog Sneak Peek: Who’s That Girl?

Our September catalog was shot by Guy Aroch, who captures model Martha Hunt on the streets of London in a paparazzi-inspired style. Based around the concept of the modern “it girl” whose every move is documented, Martha dodges the camera as she does everyday things like taking out the trash and going to yoga, working on set and going out at night with her boyfriend, played by model Danny Fox. We love this book and the story it tells, and can’t wait for it to drop on Tuesday along with our new site for Free People UK! Here’s a sneak peek. :)

free people september catalog

free people september catalog

free people september catalog

free people september catalog

free people september catalog

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Her outfits are beautiful but she is way too skinny!!!! It is disturbing to look at her!!!!


I think she’s skinny but she looks healthy. Some people are just naturally like that and plus, she is tall. Beautiful photos.

Gurley Girl

Can’t wait to see it!!! I want the leopard print coat soooooooo badly

Maura Grunheidt

I liked it a lot / / / / /

OMG OMG OMG dying over those patchwork flares!

Love the concept for this catalog. City girls ftw!


feel like i went back in time for just a moment while looking at these photos! :)


Sorry but those black and grey stipes look like a prison uniform. Really!!!! Bad idea.

Very cool!!!!


Martha’s beautiful. To those making negative comments about her body – do you like it when people make negative comments about yours? Her body isn’t a threat to you.

i adore it, i adore you ♥


muy flacas esas chicas , no tienen gracia casi insulsas , se luciria mejor la ropa en chicas mas normales


I agree with Wendy, she is definitely way too skinny. But I guess I can see why they chose here: she’s built like a coat hanger.
Devin, if that’s what healthy looks like to you, you must be living in Ethiopia or something…


i just love all your clothe. i have recently placed my first order with you and look forward to receiving it very soon! i hope the sizing is perfect :)


Let me start off by saying I am NOT trying to
Bash this model because of her body. I am just saying she appears to be thinner than mOst of the models Free People typically features. I would have expected better from a company I love. The way the clothes fit her give most of the female population no help in deciding if things would look good on them. Please feature healthier looking models in the future. Again, I am
Not saying this woman has any problems, I guess I just prefer to see a bit more filled out models.


I really like some of these clothes but I wont be buying any of them unfortunately. The model is very pretty but she in no way reflects my body type – I am very fit and healthy and while I have a lean body from exercise (run 50km+ each and 3 sessions of hot yoga a week) I have a lot more flesh and muscle then her. Because of this difference I cant visualise how the clothes would look on more fleshed out bodies like my own. While I acknowledge that she may well have a healthy lifestyle her slim… Read more »


In the same spirit as Bear and cat, why not do an entire catalog featuring the FP Philly home office girls? I can relate to their bodies more than I can with super models.


:| Good God. I’m 5’7″ and 150lbs – am I one of few women who knows what will look good WITHOUT having to see it on someone with a body like mine? It’s really not that hard. Most of FP’s fans should know what pattern, cut, and overall style will best suit their body — and they should definitely know whether or not they have the confidence to wear something, without having to be negative towards somebody else about it. If you’re choosing to NOT buy from a company simply because you’re not seeing your “clone”, you may as well… Read more »


I couldn’t agree more with Devin and Casey. Some people are naturally born with that type of body. My grandma and mom included. Their pants size are 23.. sometime smaller.


Stunning model! Total Kate Moss beauty! I am slender and a ballet dancer for god’s sake and not THAT thin. I was at one point that tiny and clothes hung COMPLETELY different. A super tight dress looked scary as oppose to now where it looks sexy. It can be very difficult to determine how something will hang on your frame when you’re more filled out. I believe that Free People shouldn’t adhere to the typical high fashion standard of tiny models. I agree their other models are slightly more filled out and easier to determine how clothes will look on… Read more »


Martha Hunt is gorgeous. But don’t kid yourself people, she is wayyyyy too skinny. I feel bad for her.


I’m the same size as the model, possibly even smaller (5’11.5″ and 120lbs). I don’t have an eating disorder, and I am perfectly healthy. I just have a skinny body type. People say shame on free people for using a skinny model but I see nothing wrong with it. As many people above mentioned, they don’t stick to one particularly body type for their models and for that they should be applauded. No one is one particular size. Just because this model doesnt look like you doesn’t mean that she doesn’t look like someone else. So when you say that… Read more »

These are all beautiful outfits, especially the outfits in first and fourth photos. And yes, she is thin, but she is not too skinny. In fact, I think she is very very pretty, like Kate Moss.


You know what? Some people are skinny. Some people are skinny and can eat donuts everyday and still stay skinny. Some people are skinny and healthy. Deal with it.

Liz Holmes

The problem with any emaciated model being held up as beautiful is that Free People clothes are marketed to young women — who battle a culture that tells them every single day that they are too fat — and that the only way to be beautiful is to be a size 2 or smaller. I just received this catalog in the mail — and there is not one image in it of a lovely woman with a body type that reflects the real world. Yes, the world contains skinny women — and short women and athletically built women and plus-sized… Read more »