Simple Decorating For Your End-Of-Summer Party: String Lights

Update: This post originally ran on May 26, 2012, but with the season winding down, we wanted to share some inspiration for decorating your end-of-summer parties with one easy element: string lights.

It is absolutely amazing what a string of lights can do. Immediately a so-so space can be transformed into a dreamy, whimsical wonderland. They’re so simple, yet so stunningly beautiful – and multifunctional too! You can use them inside or out; for holidays, parties, or just everyday life.

The magic of string lights is that when they’re around, the focus is never specifically on them – it’s on the overall feeling that they create within space they light as a whole. I love the look of hundreds of strands meticulously strung overhead from one end of a room to another — and I’m just as smitten with the feeling I get when I see one lone string of lights, draped imperfectly and without clear direction, over a charming metal headboard. If you haven’t experimented with string lights yet, I challenge you to try it out. I have a pretty strong feeling you won’t regret it.

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I saw this post, and I headed to the basement for some white xmas lights! My room looks awesome with them hanging! I can’t wait to see what it looks like at night! so excited!!!

I am going to be honest here: this post is excellent! I learned a bunch of new, fascinating information. If you could send me your newsletter link, I would be very happy! Keep writing like this, and you will be well-known in no time.

@fp brigette
I’m 100% agree with it. String lights are best solution for outdoor decorating…


I too love the look of string lights and have recently discovered rope lights which seem to be more durable but not as “light” as the string lights prove to be (by light I refer to their weight) I am also going to try the tape lights that people are putting under their kitchen cabinets now. I wonder how many uses besides the kitchen I can find for easy installed tape lights? :)