How To Stock Your Nail Art Kit

Nail art is fun to do when you have a couple of hours that you want to fill. Every week here at the Free People office we test out new ways to make fun nail art, but first we gathered an essential nail kit to suit our needs – because we all know it can be quite messy. Inside our nail kit you’ll find:

Nail polish

Nail polish remover


Cotton balls

Small plastic cups

Narrow paint brushes

Tape for blocking out color

This week we tried out cute little polka dot nails, where we put a dark base color on first and then a brighter nail color for the dots, for which we used the cotton balls. Stay tuned for the video tutorial soon. Over the next couple of weeks, why not gather a nail art kit and start experimenting? It’s fun!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I’m completely new to doing my own nail art that doesn’t look like my 5-year-old niece did it for me (not that she doesn’t do a beautiful job). I would never have known where to start or what to buy. – Alison { }

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