Strange Magic: Watch Grimes’s New “Genesis” Video

Grimes released her self-directed video for the song “Genesis” today and, like everything Grimes does, it is a strangely beautiful masterpiece. In it, she appears as several different fantasy versions of herself, from a gypsy-like desert dancer with a flaming sword to a pigtail-haired schoolgirl with a python around her neck. Somehow it works, and the video draws you in from its opening moments and holds your attention until the closing notes of the song like a weird, vivid dream you can’t seem to wake up from. Take a few moments and get lost in Grimes’ fantasy world!

grimes genesis

grimes genesis

grimes genesis

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8 years ago

Love this video. The silver is soooo hot


8 years ago

So obsessed with this video! It’s great.

8 years ago

Just a thought and not meant to be aggressive or hateful., but..

I have always respected grimes and thought that she was a visionary for her music. Sadly, however, this video is nonsensical to the point of soullessness. It seems so random and trendy, for possibly the purpose of individuality, but to me it comes off extreme for the sake of extreme/attention grabbing. I am not saying the world does not need an artist like this, I just wanted more depth from her. Anyone willing to change my mind?

8 years ago

Sam I’m sad to say I tend to agree. I’ve loved Grimes since I saw her perform in grubby sneakers and a ripped old rag sweater. It was the music and her essence. I can appreciate the video’s vibe, but it’s not what I expected from her. I’m still glad FP shared it. It’s interesting.

8 years ago

oh heaven forbid an artist evolving.

I love Grimes since always and this song is so soothing to my soul, though the video be nonsensical it’s still very pretty to look at.

8 years ago

I love Grimes, but i have a suggestion for FP, PLEASE make a skirt like the one she is wearing at 1:36. I know there was the denim floral maxi that I wish now I could find to buy, but I LOVE this cute little jean/floral fabric mix skirt!!!! I cant find one anywhere, and I plan on a DIY one, but I really think FP could make some super cute ones of course!!! <3

8 years ago

Though I am not impressed by the video, I am replaying the song itself obsessively. Thank you for introducing it to me.