Video: Sneak Peek into our Party Collection

This was previously published on July 9th 2012 but we thought we’d bring it back as we are in a party mood all over again, enjoy!

FP Party is a collection of dresses wrapped in daydreams and fairytales. Each dress has certain details that capture a girl’s fantasy: sequins, beautiful embroidery, unique texture and macramé… the dresses tell a story, a special story of that occasion you keep dreaming about. If you put one on, you’ll feel fireworks. Here we talk to the designer behind the collection who transferred her training in couture in Paris into these wonderful creations.

“When I’m designing Party, I always get excited about tapping into the fantasies and daydreams that I think every girl shares, whether it’s a glamorous castaway or red carpet starlet. I love for every dress to tell a story about the girl who is wearing it and where she is going. Party is the place where all daydreams come to life — covered in crystals, rich in embroidery, ready to transport you into your favorite state of mind, and get you noticed big time!”

Free People Party Dresses

Free People Party Dress

Above: The Ruffled Verse Party Dress featured in our July Catalog

Shop our entire collection of party dresses at Free People!


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9 years ago

What’s the name of the song used in the video? :0

9 years ago

“slow motion” by panda bear!

9 years ago

inspiring – exciting – SOLD!

9 years ago

oh word, thank you cy!

9 years ago

so excited about this!!! the jumpsuit looks amaaaazing

Angie R
9 years ago

Can’t wait to purchase one of these lovely creations! The dress inspired by Dior/the beach sounds amazing!

Lindsay H
9 years ago

I love Free People clothing and the people that work hard and have fun making it! Wearing your pieces makes me feel alive and happy.

9 years ago

I used to be a real party girl when I was younger, out clubbing every Friday and Saturday, and usually once during the week too. Walking through the morning fog of Gothenburg, Sweden at 6 am, feeling alive. Now when I have kids, parties are different, more at people’s houses, dinners, a warm hearty feeling. This video has inspired me to have a party for no particular reason, just invite friends, nice foods, etc. Basically, a party for love. Of course I will be wearing sequins. If I could afford it, I would get the shimmy shimmy dress! Top of my Most Wanted list.