Video: Vintage Treasures Our Creative Director Found In Toronto

A few weeks ago, our directors took a trip to Toronto for our new store opening. While there, they stumbled upon some great vintage stores and brought back with them some treasures.

At Free People we love mixing vintage with modern day designs to create a look that tells an interesting story. Vintage plays a huge part in our fashion lives; we love the history behind it and we love continuing the story on by taking it from an old place into a new. I was curious as to what our Creative Director bought and brought back with her from the treasure troves in Toronto, so we set up shop in her home and she went through her favorite pieces and how she would wear them. Enjoy!

vintage toronto


vintage toronto

The vintage stores she went to in Toronto were 69 Vintage and Penny Arcade Vintage

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9 years ago

I have always loved her style – especially when you show her wearing her outfits!!! But now – that I see the video she not only has awesome style but she is so sweet and down to earth…LOVE all the pieces she purchased!

9 years ago

Love the Rosie the Riveter coveralls Doub is wearing! The video is fun. I like the mix of vintage and what FP is making now.

9 years ago

Oh my so wonderful , if you knew me you would know that Doub is my sister !
But you would know that she is the coolest part of me !! I’m so proud to be connected
To her ! She makes even me kinda cool !
Whitt hanshaw

9 years ago

is there a store in Mashpee Massachusetts or Falmouth?