1 Reversible Dress, 6 Different Outfits!

One dress that can have two different feelings, yes that’s right! Our Reversible Dot Dress gives you two options and the freedom to create a number of different looks. If you’re feeling slightly less serious, opt for the polka dot side; if you’re feeling more sophisticated, go with the lace side. It’s a simple style, so all you really have to do is decide on which pattern you want to wear the most: the polka dot or the lace?!

We took one of our girls outside to create 6 looks using this one dress, moving it from polka dot to lace in each look.

Reversible Dot Dress,Tommy Studded Chucks, Druzy Moon Pendant, Horn Pendant

You can wear this dress casually with Converse and a denim jacket for a laid back look.

Reversible Dot Dress, Boots Coming soon, Druzy Moon Pendant, Horn Pendant

Dress it up a little with knee high boots and a hat for an edgy/cool vibe.

Reversible Dot Dress, Kallie Heel, Druzy Moon Pendant, Horn Pendant

Or, make an elegant look for the evening with black tights and heels.

Here’s what we want to know: Which side you would wear the most, the polka dot or the lace?

Shop the Reversible Dot Dress at Free People!

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DIY and more:


So versatile. I need more pieces like this. :)

I’d wear the lace more. And would combine the polka dot with light blue tights, colorful boots and light green and pink bracelet/necklace. The polka dot just screams fun to me :D


I cant wait for the boots to come soon!!<3 :)


I can’t wait for the boots to come out! :)