3 Ways To Wear Tall Socks

I love wearing tights come winter, but there weather isn’t quite cold enough yet to start wearing them, so instead we’re transitioning into winter with tall socks. From thigh high to knee high to ribbed, patterned and woolen, we styled some of our favorite pairs right now with dresses and jeans.

Come the weekend or on a rainy day when the weather is a little breezy, make a pair of jeans and boots more interesting with pattern socks and scrunch them down a little so there’s just a little bit showing above the boot.

Product: Hurricane Tall Boot, Tall Socks

For an elegant look, team a thin pair with heels and a great dress that’s suitable for the evening. We love the little sneak peek these give.

tall socks

Product: Printed Dip Dye Fit and Flare Dress, Kallie Heel, Tall Socks

For the day, team them with cute baby doll style dresses, a cardigan and some ankle boots for a casual yet cute look.

tall socks

Product: Court Me With Flowers Tunic, Poetic Verse Sweater Blazer, tall socks

How would you wear tall socks?

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9 years ago

I wear leggings and tall socks — also leg warmers all winter. It’s freezing cold here in the mountains so I always layer up! can’t wait for it to get a lil’ colder so I can take them out…I like my socks with alot of pattern or texture!

9 years ago

The last picture is a Photoshop! Horrible!

9 years ago

LOL Dorothy is right, that’s an awful photoshop job.

9 years ago
Reply to  Kia

Hi Kia and Dorothy! I actually shot the photos for this post — the socks look very defined in the last photo, but they definitely weren’t photoshopped! :)

9 years ago

LOVE them. Wear them all the time in the fall and winter. Also love FP’s cushy cozy sweater socks (the ones that are real soft but aren’t super tight) , so make some more of those :)

9 years ago

I wear thigh highs pretty often but I always have trouble matching shoes with them. You should do a post on different types of shoes to wear with tall socks! :)

9 years ago

I love the look of tall socks!! But not sure if I am too old for it? :)

9 years ago

I agree with myrandah–we need ideas for which shoes go well with thigh high socks, too!! :) I’m
Looking forward to wearing some this fall!!

9 years ago

I also agree with Myrandah and Adelyce! I never know what shoes to wear with my thigh-highs.

9 years ago

I adore any kind of Knee to Thigh High Socks!!! The beautiful thing about them is that they are extremely versatile. I pair them with jeans, tights, dresses, and any kind of boot. The taller you go I would say you are safer with a shorter boot style. No need to do too much contrasting height, plus you want everyone to appreciate your amazing socks as well! Stick to ankle boots, booties or do a heel! All super cute!

9 years ago


9 years ago

Thank you to help us to come out of the closet…
The sock.

9 years ago

Ya, I’m really feelin the thigh high socks for fall. Love the baby doll dress combo.


8 years ago

Knowing how to wear tall socks is a must for anyone wants to get styled, pairing outfit with tall socks.Tall socks are everywhere right now…..Great styling blog!