5 Things You Never Knew About Our Bloggers

It’s been awhile, so I thought I’d check in with our BLDG 25 blog team to find out even more about this creative, inspiring group of women. Brigette, Jemma, and Julia sat down to answer a few questions about themselves and things they love, and once you read them you’ll have even more insight into what makes our bloggers the people they are. Plus, I love conversations that go beyond small talk to find out really cool, intimate details about individuals you admire, the things that set them apart from others. Read below to find out where my interview led us…

Julia, Senior Blogger

1. What is one thing you really loved about growing up in your home town?

I grew up in Center City, Philadelphia and I loved everything about it.  my best friend lived down the street, we had block parties all the time, we took the bus or walked everywhere and took art classes at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. What could be better?

2. What is one fashion mistake you’ll never make again?

Short hair. I cut it above my chin when I was in high school and I was so miserable I wanted to hide in my room until it grew again. I love it on other people but it did NOT work for me.

3. Name one way your wardrobe has changed or improved since coming to work at Free People.

I pretty much wore all Free People before coming here so that hasn’t changed. But I definitely think being around all the amazing, beautiful, stylish people we work with has definitely improved my fashion sense – I have always been a real tomboy and never really payed much attention to how I looked.

4. What is one item on your wishlist right now?

I want a puppy so badly. Lately I think I’ve been driving my boyfriend nuts sending him photos of cute dogs I want him to get for me. I can’t have one in my apartment though, because it’s tiny and I have two cats. The fact that we can bring them to work with us makes it even more appealing.

5. What is the best blog post you’ve ever read (or written!)?

Something I started doing when I started writing for the BLDG 25 blog were weekly DIY projects and I think those posts have been my favorite to work on. I love finding interesting décor items, accessories, beauty products, etc. and showing people how they can do it themselves. Getting to spend time crafting for work is an awesome perk! One of my favorites is the little light bulb vase. :)


Jemma, Fashion Blogger

1. What is one thing you really loved about growing up in your home town?

It’s hard to pick one thing, so I’m just going to say what I loved about my hometown. I was born in South Wales, UK. Growing up near the beaches and amongst such beautiful valleys was fascinating and inspiring to me. I used to have so many adventures, from building dams in the rivers nearby to climbing trees. My imagination used to run wild exploring the mountains and the small village in which I lived. Being able to be a free spirit when I was young really nurtured me. South Wales is famous for its coal mines and coaling industry in the 19th century. There’s a lot of great history, old architecture, castles, and folklore.

2. What is one fashion mistake you’ll never make again?

When I first discovered the crimper in the 90’s I was fascinated with it. I used to crimp my hair all over – EVEN my fringe! I thought I looked so different and cool at the time, but looking back on it now, I looked quite funny! Over the years I’ve learned less is definitely more.

3. Name one way your wardrobe has changed or improved since coming to work at Free People.

I always dressed quite bohemian, mixing in a lot of vintage, so when I started working at Free People I felt quite at home. I wouldn’t say my wardrobe has changed or improved in any way, but I’ve definitely been influenced a lot by the amazing style of many girls that work here and I’ve learned how to dress to best fit your proportions and how to balance your look out.

4. What is one item on your travel wishlist right now?

Comfort is always key when I travel, and I have a tendency to fall asleep whenever I’m on public transport. On my wish list right now is a Welsh Tapestry Quilt. I adore the patterns and the craftsmanship, plus I’ll be close to my roots! And I have my eye on this from Free People: the Crochet Back Panel Pullover.

5. What is the best thing anyone has ever said to you?

“Follow your Dreams, be ambitious, inspire people and inspire others” was told to me when I was young and I’ve cherished it always.


Brigette, Decor Blogger

1. What is one thing readers probably don’t know about you?

I love food. Not only do I love food, but I’m always eating. I have to! I can’t explain it. It might be an obsession. Ask my fellow bloggers though, they’ll tell you! I don’t usually go more than 20 minutes without eating something. If I do, it’s probably because I’m knee-deep in a DIY project and I’m on a roll. Speaking of rolls, if I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would one hundred percent be a sandwich. Turkey, american cheese, and a little mayo on a roll, to be exact. Maybe some iceberg lettuce to crunch things up, but let’s not get carried away, here.

2. What is one fashion mistake you’ll never make again?

One fashion mistake I’ll never make again is… well I’d like to say the tech vest (you know, the one and only performance fleece…), but who knows?! I bet a tech vest could look pretty awesome if it were paired with a mini dress, some vintage boots, and some chunky knit thigh highs. Wait, I kind of want one now. Don’t you?

3. Name one way your wardrobe has changed or improved since coming to work at Free People.

Since coming to Free People, I think my style has remained the same as it’s been – and I love that. When I first got the job here, I was pretty nervous that I was going to walk into a building filled with gorgeous girls decked out in gorgeous clothing, and that there was no way I’d ever be able to reach such a level of stylishness. Well, I’m definitely surrounded by gorgeous people with the most keen senses of style, but it’s not intimidating in the slightest. Everyone has their own style here, and they each own it. I never feel pressured to dress like anyone else. We all draw inspiration from one another – that’s for sure – but each of us stays true to our own personal style and to who we are, and that’s one of the most beautiful parts about working in this environment.

4. What is one item on your travel wishlist right now?

One item on my travel wishlist right now is an awesome lens for my camera – one with incredible zoom power. I was so lucky to go on an amazing trip last summer that lasted three and a half months, and the one thing I kept wishing for was a better lens. You see so many unbelievable things when you’re traveling; so many beautiful sights that cannot be articulated through words alone, and if your camera lens can’t capture these images the way your eye does, it’s hard to get that same feeling when you look back on your trip months later. There’s also another thing at the top of my travel wishlist right now: a plane ticket.

5. What is the most important thing readers should know about you?

I won an Oreo stacking contest. When I was, like, 8 years old, my supermarket was holding a contest to see who could stack the most Oreos within 30 seconds. I’m not sure if I won the grand prize (definitely didn’t), but I did win an entire year’s supply of Oreos. Every month for an entire year, my family would receive a huge case of Oreo cookies. It was the best. If I could do it over again, I’d do it exactly the same way… but this time, I’d request that they were Double Stuf.


Photographed by Nate Kula

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9 years ago

Aww, I loved learning more about you beautiful girls! Please do more posts like this in the future!

Ladaisi Blog
Ladaisi Etsy

9 years ago

Adorable! I’d love to work with people like these :D
xo Natasha

9 years ago

hahahahha the tech vest!

9 years ago

Jemma, where did you get that super cute casual top? So adorable!

9 years ago

This post is so great. LOL @ Brigette

9 years ago

Hi Kasia, my top is from COS

9 years ago

so cute! you are the best group of bloggers around, seriously! xx