Our Bestival Playlist, And What To Pack If You’re Going!

Our attention has turned to the UK this month with the drop of our September catalog and launch of Free People UK . Also taking place this weekend is one of the UK’s biggest music festivals – Bestival! The festival, set on the scenic Isle of Wight, is known as a “boutique festival” and has an extremely free-spirited, surrealist atmosphere featuring annual dress competitions around a specific theme. This year’s theme is “Wildlife” and they encourage attendees to “unleash the party beast from the hinterlands of your imagination and show us some properly wild things, from fantastic fauna, kings of the jungle, and even organisms aplenty to just the outrageously wild… the sky is far from the limit of what can happen when you get amongst the wildlife!” It is sure to be a wild weekend, and with an incredible lineup of music we’re a bit jealous we aren’t there! Check out our playlist below of bands we love who will be playing this weekend.

What to pack: We rounded up some of our favorite wildlife-inspired pieces that we would bring to Bestival 2012!

bestival what to pack

From left to right: Rattlesnake Mini Skirt, Onyx Interlock Ring, Mascot Cardigan, Feather Yarn Striped Beanie, Silk Leopard Scarf, Twigs Pendant, Bra and Undie Set, Cavalier Boot, Tribute Tote, Patchwork Corduroy Flare.

bestival 2012 playlist

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