Blogger Diary: A New Kitten

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Oliver Milton Homeboy. Two weeks ago I welcomed this tiny, three-month-old furball into my little home and it has been non-stop bliss ever since. I adopted him from Operation Ava, which is a no-kill rescue, adoption, and education center in Philadelphia. When Oliver was first placed in my hands, I totally melted. The moment he started purring (half a second later), I knew he had to be mine… and he hasn’t stopped purring since.

In the past two weeks, Ollie has hung out in both Philly and New York, and has traveled by car, bus, and train. He’s even been to a bar in Brooklyn. What a cool cat. He’s the best to travel with, too! He just sleeps the entire time. I feel so lucky to have this adorable little dude in my life. He’s my pride and joy.

I do have something to ask you veteran cat owners, though: How can I stop the bedtime craziness? When I get home from work, sometimes this homeboy likes to play, and sometimes he likes to cuddle – both are great by me. But the moment I decide I’m going to bed, whether it be 11pm or 2am, Oliver decides it’s time to go berserk. He jumps all over my bed, pouncing on whatever he deems suitable, and races all around my entire apartment. It’s actually totally adorable, but it sometimes keeps me up for hours! Is this just a little kitten phase, or is there something I should be doing or not doing? Thanks in advance for your help! And for now, please enjoy some photos of my little dude.








All photos by FP Brigette.

Feel free to follow me on Instagram for daily pictures of this little cutie!! If you live in the Philly area and are thinking about adopting a pet (you should totally do it!), be sure to visit Operation Ava or PAWS!


  1. Oh my goodness, how freaking cute is he. I’ve been missing the kitten phase of my cat, lately, especially since kitten season has come and gone in this area (signs up on the bulletin in store where I work just offer bucketloads of free kittens to good homes — that’s actually how we got the majority of our cats). As for the pouncing bit, I’m not sure it ever wears off. I think it just depends on how restless your cat is at the time. Our six-year-olds, if the mood strikes them (which, granted, it not often at all), will still tackle my feet or hands if all they see is this moving object underneath the covers. Your best bet, I think, is either t o wear the guy out before bed time with toys or other play, or to just ignore him completely. Though, I’ve kicked my cats off my bed and across the room when I’ve had enough, but they’ve still come back for more…

    PS: that gif kind of made my morning. Also, the photo of him in the sink. I just wanna pick him up and squeeze him!

  2. Same issues with my new little kitten Pepette. I thought wearing her out may help but the fact is this: when youre not home he probably sleeps or lounges and when u get home it winds them up!! Good news is that it will wear off!

  3. Definitely noticed that if we made an effort to play with our kitten a lot after work, she would be obediently sleepy at our bedtime. Took some time, but now she knows when it is time for bed and will go into her bed in the bedroom even if we choose to stay up late.

  4. i’ve had many kittens that do just this. its just a phase and all kittens outgrow it soon. adorrreeable little kitten my the way :)

  5. I grew in a home that bread cats. This is definitely a kitten thing! Like megan said, it probably has to do with sleeping most of the day and then getting wound up when you’re around. Kittens usually sleep between 16-20 hours a day so you have to imagine that all of that sleep will keep them severely energized when awake. I take it that you don’t have any other cats, which is mostly why he keeps jumping all over you at night. He considers you his playmate!
    He is adorable and once he is out of the kitten phase ( which can sometimes take 18mo-2yrs! ) he will learn to sleep with you at night!

  6. He’s adorable! They actually do grow out of it, so he’s normal..but cats actually prefer lounging all day and playing at night, its super of my cats, I have 2, likes to basically fly through the house and jump from every window at night…it is pretty funny to are so awesome!

  7. Adorable!!!!!! I’ve only ever had older cats, but I also volunteer at a no-kill cat shelter and the kittens are always going crazy, any time of day! I think the other posters had it right- it will take some time both for him to grow out of the wild kitten phase, and to get used to your schedule, and your home too (He probably is doing a lot of exploring at night when you’re trying to sleep). Definitely play with him a lot at night- cats natural order of things is “hunt”(play), eat, and then sleep, so it may also help if change up his feeding schedule so you are feeding him dinner later at night closer to your bed time, so he will begin to get used to settling down at the same time you are.

    If you need some toy recommendations that will tire him out, “Da Bird” is AMAZING! And one more quick piece of advice– There are two types of toys, “dead” and “alive”, so keep a couple of “dead” mice lying around for him to play alone, but keep the “live” toys hidden away when you’re not playing so that he wont get bored of them and it becomes more exciting when it’s play time!

    Good luck!!!!

  8. He should grow out of it but until then try tiring him out with some play before the time he goes crazy! Hes so cute though :)

  9. He’s gorgeous. Oh yes, total complete phase, I promise. As much as I know you love having him with you every moment, just to save yourself from becoming sleep-deprived, you might wanna have him be in another room (if this is feasible) late at night. If not, I understand. Have had cats & kittens my whole life, have 3 lovebugs now and fostering 1 kitten from our local human society, and yes she goes cray cray at night too, but we have a huge crate for her that she passes out in immediately after. Don’t worry girl, it’s all worth it… You are doing a fabulous job, he knows he is LOVED and no matter what, you did good by rescuing him. Love, xoxo

  10. My cat is now three years old and she still does this! We just ignore her and she eventually leaves and entertains herself and then comes to bed when she’s tired herself out. We did close the bedroom door for a few months but then she’ d just meow at the door all night. Good luck with yer cutie pie!

  11. My kitten just turned 5 months and she used to always go crazy at bed time!!! Over time it’s gotten a lot better and now she knows when I turn off the lights and get in bed…. Its time to lay down and cuddle. She still has a crazy run around fest for a few minutes but its gotten a lot better. Just a baby kitten phase! :)

  12. i adopted a cat 2 years ago-and they’re so playful they want someone around to play with. he may be lonely and when you get home he thinks it’s finally playtime. my cat around the 1.5 year mark became depressed cause he was left alone so many hours of the day without a playmate. so i got a new kitten and he’s soooo much happier. they love eachother and play with eachother nonstop. he’s no longer depressed and they keep eachother company. i would consider this maybe if you can’t now but definitely in the future. it was tough for the first couple of days but then they fell in love with eachother. they mentioned it to me at the shelters how much kittens like to have another kitten or cat companion.

  13. What a lovebug! He is gorgeous. I’ve had cats all my life; my Mom is a lot like Dr Doolittle with all manner of pets. Definitely, this is a kitten phase, they do get a bit calmer as they get older but bear in mind cats tend to be active at night, too. Do try to fit in dedicated play time during the day; perhaps when you get home as those above have recommended. Also, a companion is a great idea! If you can adopt a second cat, they will play with each other when you are not at home. Enjoy your kitty!

  14. A kitten rescued me one week ago, It has the “crazies” at night or day…LOL,,I can relate completely. Like the pouncing on my face or chest while in mid sleep, or crying to wake me to play, or eat. I feel it is like having another child in the home. Will grow out of it one day, enjoy your lil one~ :) I know I am….

  15. That is just what they do , as soon as we go to bed it is playtime! We had to put Max in a large bathrm. w/ toys , water and food and let him go crazy all nite or we just didn’t sleep. Be sure to keep him safe w/ the toilet seat down and no dangerous soaps or objects to get into. We provided a large basket to sleep in w/ toys and left a night lite on . It was about 6 months – sleep well !

  16. Nothing more to add to what has alread been said. We got a new kitten last year and she was doing the same thing. Hire someone to play with him during the day, all day long. He has to be worn out by bedroom. Like was stated, this will pass and he’ll start sleeping with you.

  17. Hi! He’s too cute. I have a bit of bad news cats play at night. Lol I am a cat mom of two and raised others. He needs toys maybe, but cats sleep 21 hours a day and play the rest or just up. He doesn’t have a friend so he will mess with you. But at times they both come to me. LOL but for now toys and just letting him run a muck is fine you will get used to it. Now that mine right two they lay with me or venture off during the night. They still tear but it will die down in a few months.

  18. He’s just adorable! It is definitely a kitten thing; cats are nocturnal animals! Just make sure you give him plenty of toys! Let him have fun independently and wear himself out so he can learn when it’s time to sleep!

  19. Cats are mostly nocturnal. They calm down as they get older, mine are ages 2-5 and they’ll have a spaz moment. If you have a room to keep him in with non-hazardous toys (no strings or ribbons), that could help. Or a roomy kennel.

  20. I have found that the best way to deal with a boisterous kitten is to get them a companion. The kittens will play and wrestle together, which will give you back your sleep.

  21. Hey Girl!! My name is Kara! I’m generally known as the LI FP “Cat Lady”. Before I started working for the company I was a Vet Tech and rescue cats as well. :)
    As someone else mentioned, cars are nocturnal. Unfortunately, while we are getting into out REM sleep is when they are ready to go BONKERS!!!!! This is especially so if they are kittens. You can def try some calming smells like Lavender and Vanilla scented plug ins. They also sell Pet specific ones in the Pet stores also. Some people think the idea of “TWO AHHH!” kitties is a scary thought, however cats are naturally “pack” animals. Cats that grow up without a body tend to grow up very different then those with buddies. They can play with each other instead of tearing apart your couch. I HIGHLY suggest investing in one of those $150 big cat trees. This will keep him busy also. I have quite a few cats and have rescued and raised many from birth. Also, the sooner the better to get another one, this way they won’t be as territorial when the new guy comes along. I won’t lie, some don’t grow out of it but, as they get older they will calm down. Just think of it as a 3 year old running around with markers, lol. you can try keeping him secluded in a room at night. You also JUST got him….so he is still getting used to his “crib”.
    If you have any questions you can email me!! :)
    <3 Kara

  22. I have a 4-year-old 2-footed (she is missing the lower portion of her hind legs) grey and white beauty. She still goes bananas every night, usually from 2 to 5 AM, just hauling fire on the carpet or the rugs (she can’t get around as well on tile or hardwood) or rolling around on plastic bags or chewing up cardboard and paper (really anything that is certain to make a sound). My boyfriend and I have found that making sure she has all her amenities taken care of before we go to bed and keeping all the rooms open, even closets and bathrooms, for her to explore, works the best. Being as she can’t jump on anything, due to her special needs, we just have make sure everything is up off of the floor (which makes it an amazing incentive to keep the place nice, clean and organized). I don’t think it’s necessary to get another cat or spend a lot on toys, unless it makes you feel comfortable. Just be patient, loving and caring and do some homework, research what works best for you and little Oliver.
    Namaste, Olivia Fields and Two-Footed Tootsie

  23. He’s precious! There’s no stopping bed time craziness. I was born into a cat family and have been blessed with many cats in my life. I don’t know a cat owner whose cats don’t do this. He’s lovely enjoy the kitten phase! He’s so lucky to get to experience so many wonderful places!

  24. Thank you all so much for your incredibly helpful comments! I’m going to embrace the play/eat/sleep routine, tire him out before bedtime, and just enjoy this adorable kitten phase!!

  25. Adorable kitten!!! I have 3 kitties of my own of all different ages and all of them still have their crazy kitty time, but it has lessened since they were kittens. It helps to keep lots of toys around, play with them a lot before you go to sleep to tucker him out for the night & try to keep him out of your room if it’s really keeping you up. It will get better, but he will probably still go bezerk after using his litter box as most cats do! Haha
    Good luck!

  26. Congrats on Oliver! He is so precious! The exact same thing happened to my friend who just adopted a sweet, energetic kitten as well. She figured out that if she just set aside some time to play with her kitten right before bed, that the kitten would calm down. Apparently her kitten just wanted someone to play with, so if she knew she would get that scheduled play time before bed, then she would be able to calm down too- and let her owner sleep. ;)

  27. He is adorable! I love that you adopted him. There are so many animals that need to be adopted. And what a little cutie! I love his nose! It looks like a little pink and red ombre. It’s SO cute! I have two adopted cats and I know they can be a handful when they’re kittens. One of mine still is a handful, but he’s old and fat and sleeps most of the day. It’s just night when he’s up chasing the other cat. I just love cats! Ollie is the cutest thing ever!

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